FirstEnergy Stadium Seating Chart 2024 | Best Seats at Cleveland Brown Stadium

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For fans looking to attend a game at FirstEnergy Stadium in 2023, understanding the FirstEnergy stadium seating chart and map is essential. The stadium offers a range of seating options, from general admission seating to luxury suites, and each section offers a unique perspective of the game.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the FirstEnergy Stadium seating chart and map for the 2023 season. We will explore the various seating options available to fans, including the lower bowl, upper bowl, and club level sections. We will also discuss the amenities and benefits of each seating option, helping fans make an informed decision when purchasing their tickets.

FirstEnergy Stadium Brief Details | Browns’ Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility that offers fans a variety of amenities and features to enhance their game day experience. Some of these include multiple video boards, a sound system, and free Wi-Fi throughout the stadium.

There are plenty of food and beverage options available, as well as merchandise shops and team stores for fans to purchase Browns gear.

firstenergy stadium

Firstenergy Stadium Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of FirstEnergy Stadium is approximately 67,895.

The stadium has three levels of seating: the lower bowl, the club level, and the upper deck. The lower bowl has a capacity of 31,000 fans, while the upper deck can hold up to 19,000 fans. The club level, which includes luxury suites, loge boxes, and club seats, has a capacity of 16,000 fans.

There are standing-room-only areas available throughout the stadium, including the popular Dawg Pound section, which is located in the lower bowl.

Firstenergy Stadium Seating Chart

firstenergy stadium seating chart
FirstEnergy Stadium Seating Chart

The seating chart of FirstEnergy Stadium is divided into several different sections, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Firstenergy stadium lower level seating or 100 level seating

100 level seating of the FirstEnergy stadium is located closest to the field and includes sections 101-149. These seats are generally the most affordable and offer a great view of the game from close range.

Lower bowl of FirstEnergy Stadium consists of 49 sections and can hold up to 31,000 fans.

Firstenergy stadium generally has 18-27 rows in each section.

Section 127-139 are generally for browns’ season ticket holders. If you are looking for shade covered seats, upper rows of sections 101-144 are having seats with shades.

FirstEnergy Stadium also has several standing-room-only areas available, including the Dawg Pound, which is a popular section for Browns fans. The Dawg Pound is located in the lower bowl of the stadium and is known for its rowdy and passionate fan base.

Cleveland Browns & Visitor Sidelines at FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns Sideline at FirstEnergy Stadium is located near sections 132, 133, 134.

The visitors sideline at FirstEnergy Stadium is located near sections 107, 108, 109.

FirstEnergy Stadium (Cleveland Browns Stadium) 500 Level Seating

FirstEnergy Stadium Seating Chart- 500 Level: FirstEnergy Stadium (Cleveland Browns Stadium) 500 Level seating is located above the lower level seating and includes sections 501-544 as you can see in FirstEnergy Stadium Seating Chart.

These seats are typically less expensive than those in the lower bowl, but still offer a good view of the game. The upper deck tends to be less crowded and quieter than the lower bowl.

500 level seats are angled towards the 50- yard line and are along the sidelines of the stadium.  

The upper deck of the FirstEnergy stadium consists of 44 sections and can hold up to 19,000 fans.

Firstenergy stadium club level seating- 300 level seats

The Club Seats at FirstEnergy Stadium are located in sideline sections of the stadium’s 300 level. This includes sections 301-316 and 324-339 and offers fans a premium experience with access to exclusive amenities and features. 

These seats are typically more expensive than those in the lower bowl or upper deck, but come with perks such as private entrances, access to upscale dining options, and premium parking.

The club level of FirstEnergy Stadium has a total of 48 sections with less than 20 rows, which includes luxury suites, loge boxes, and club seats. This level can hold up to 16,000 fans.

Cleveland Browns Club Seats has exclusive benefits for the ticket holders. Fans seated along the South sideline (section 301-316) will have access to the 7UP City club, while those on the North side enjoy the amenities of the Lake Club. 

FirstEnergy Stadium (Cleveland Browns Stadium) Mezzanine Level

The Mezzanine Level at FirstEnergy Stadium is located above the lower bowl but below the upper deck. It’s the name given to the 300-level sections that don’t have club access. This includes sections 317-323 and 340-350. 

These seats are a great option for fans who want to avoid the higher prices found in the lower level and club level but still want a great view of the game.

All Mezzanine Level sections have an elevated view from the end zone or in the corner. These seats also have the best views of the stadium’s two primary scoreboards.

First energy stadium suite level

There are 143 suites at FirstEnergy Stadium. The suites at FirstEnergy Stadium are located on two different levels, the lower and upper levels. Each suite includes a private seating area, multiple HDTVs, and a private restroom. Guests in the suites also have access to premium food and beverage options, including a private catering menu.

FirstEnergy Stadium lower level suites can accommodate up to 20 guests, while the upper level suites can accommodate up to 25 guests. Guests in the upper level suites also have access to the private seating area and a private outdoor balcony with seating.

The suites at FirstEnergy Stadium are a popular option for corporate events, client entertainment, and personal celebrations. They offer a unique and elevated experience for guests, making it a great way to enjoy a Cleveland Browns game in style.

Browns Stadium Seating Map With Price

Browns Stadium Seating Map With Price

FAQs: Browns’ Stadium Seating

Q: What types of seating options are available at FirstEnergy Stadium?

A: FirstEnergy Stadium offers a variety of seating options including lower level, club level, upper level, and suites. There are also standing-room only areas and areas designated for fans with disabilities.

Q: Are there any obstructed views in FirstEnergy Stadium?

A: While there are no completely obstructed views, some seating sections may have partial obstructions due to support poles or other structures.

Q: Can I bring a seat cushion to FirstEnergy Stadium?

A: Yes, fans are allowed to bring soft seat cushions to FirstEnergy Stadium as long as they are not attached to a bag or backpack.

Q: Can I upgrade my seat at FirstEnergy Stadium?

A: Depending on availability, fans may be able to upgrade their seat at FirstEnergy Stadium. Fans can inquire about upgrades at the Box Office or Guest Services.

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