NRG Stadium Seating Chart For Houston Texans: Your Ultimate Guide

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Here I will give you official NRG Stadium Seating chart, details of different seating levels, facilities and best seats of the stadium to enjoy the Texans game.

So, without any further a do let’s get into NRG Stadium Seating Chart.

NRG Stadium Seating Chart Overview

Here is the NRG Stadium seating chart.

NRG Stadium Seating Chart

NRG Stadium is divided into  levels: the 100 level, the 300 level, the 500 level, the 600 level and the 700 level. Here is the details of each seating levels of NRG Stadium:

100 Level Seating or NRG Stadium Field Level

The 100 level of NRG Stadium is also known as Field Level. It is the lowest level of the NRG stadium and is closest to the field. NRG Stadium 100 level has 40 sections i.e. section 101 – section 140.

Houston Texans player’s bench is located in front section 105- to section 108 which is on the west side of the stadium and visitors bench is located on the eastside and is in front of section 125 – section128.

Most field level sections at NRG Stadium contain 36 rows which are lettered from row A being closest to the field to row Z, then followed by double-lettered rows AA to JJ (furthest from the field of play).

If you are looking for shaded or covered seats try to choose from a few last rows as most of the seats at 100 level are not covered and are directly exposed to sunlight.

NRG Stadium 300 Level Seating

NRG Stadium’s 300 level is the middle level of the stadium which is above the 100 level. There is no 200 level. 300 level has 56 sections i.e. from section 301 – section 356. These sections have Club level and Mezzanine level seating. 

Section 301- section 318 and section 329- section 346 are club level seating in NRG Stadium and is located on the sidelines of the stadium.

Club level seating ticket holders will also get the exclusive Verizon Level Lounge Access which includes best food and beverage offerings, four full-service bars, numerous televisions, private restrooms and concierge service for select events.

Section 319 – section 328 and section 347 to section 356 are mezzanine level seating at NRG Stadium which is located on the endzone of the 300 level. Mezzanine level seating is cheaper than club level seating as it does not come with lounge access and other premium facilities.

Both club level and mezzanine level seating have fantastic views of the ground.

500 Level or Loge Level seating of NRG Stadium

Loge Level seating or 500 level is located above the 300 level seating of NRG Stadium. Loge level has 52 sections i.e from section 501- section 552. 

This level has good elevation from the ground and seats are numbered from G-M.

600 Level or Gridiron Level at NRG Stadium

Gridiron Level at NRG Stadium or 600 level is located above the 500 level and comes with great views of large video screens. It has 52 sections i.e. from section 601 to section 652.

Sideline sections have 18 rows and seats are labeled from A-T whereas endzone seats have 13 rows and seats are labeled from A-N.

Ticket prices at Gridiron level are cheaper as compared to lower level seating sections.

700 Level Seating | Directors Club Seating | Chairman’s Club Seating

700 level seating at NRG stadium has a Directors club and a Chairmans club. These are the highest level seating of the NRG Stadium and come with most premium facilities which are not offered in any other seating levels.

Directors club have 10 club sections i.e. from section 717 – section 726 . Guests will get exclusive access to a spacious lounge with premium facilities like a bar, private restrooms, dining tables and barstools overlooking the field.

Chairmans club of NRG stadium have also 10 sections i.e. section 743- section 752. It has access to lounge area with exclusive facilities like private restrooms, bars, dining table etc.

Best Seats in NRG Stadium

Now that you know the details of the NRG Stadium seating chart, you might be looking for the best seats in NRG Stadium for football.

Here are my top picks for the best seats at NRG Stadium:

Club Level Seats 

CLub level seating is one of the best seats at NRG stadium. It is a bit expensive but gives you a luxurious experience while enjoying the game. 

Club level seats come with access to exclusive lounges and bars, as well as wider seats and more legroom. Plus, you’ll have a great view of the action from the 300 level of NRG Stadium.

If you are a bit short of budget and wants club level view, you can go for mezzanine level seating.

Midfield Seats of Field Level

Midfield seats of Field Level seating at NRG stadium are best for those who want to see their favorite players from a closer look. 

These seats are located near the Texans bench and visitors bench i.e. from sections 105-108 and 125-128, right at the 50-yard line. 

You’ll have an unobstructed view of the entire field and be able to see all the action up close.

Upper Level or Gridiron Level, Midfield Seats

If you’re on a budget but still want a great view, Gridiron level’s midfield seats are a great option. These seats are located in sections 610-614 and 634-638, and offer a bird’s eye view of the entire field. Plus, you’ll be able to see both end zones clearly and have a great view of the jumbotron.

FAQs- NRG Stadium Seating Chart

What is the best section to sit in at NRG Stadium?

The best section to sit in at NRG Stadium depends on what you’re looking for. For a luxury experience, club level seats are the way to go. For a great view of the action, 100 level midfield seats are your best bet.

Where can I find cheap tickets to Texans games?

You can find cheap tickets to Texans games on resale websites like StubHub and SeatGeek. You can also try buying tickets early or waiting until the last minute to buy.

How are seats numbered at NRG Stadium?

Seats are numbered at NRG Stadium in a consistent seating pattern across all its sections. This means that for every section, Seat 1 will always be located closer to the adjacent section than the higher seat numbers within the same section. To illustrate, if you’re in Section 126, Seat 1 will be next to Section 125, and Seat 23 will be adjacent to Section 127, and so on. This uniform numbering system applies to all levels of the stadium, ensuring a clear and organized seating arrangement for all attendees.

Final Words

I hope this NRG Stadium seating chart guide has helped you finding your best seat. If you still have any query left, you can ask those on the comment section below. And do share this with Texans’ Fans too.


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