Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart 2024: Best Seats in the House

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Bridgestone Arena seating chart: Attending an event at the Bridgestone Arena is a thrilling experience that offers entertainment for sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike. To make the most of your visit, it’s crucial to understand the Bridgestone Arena seating chart.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart, from seating sections to ticket prices, and provide valuable insights to ensure you have a memorable time at the arena.

Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart | Nashville Predators Seating Chart

Bridgestone arena seating chart for nashville predators

Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart for Concert

bridgestone arena seating chart for concert

Bridgestone Arena Seating Capacity & Overview

Bridgestone arena has a seating capacity of 17,159 for ice hockey, 19,395 for basketball, 10,000 for half-house concerts, 18,500 for end-stage concerts and 20,000 for center-stage concerts, depending on the configuration used.

The arena has 3 seating levels i.e. 100 level, 200 level and, 300 level. Apart from this Bridgestone arena seating also includes Suites, club level seating, fan zone seating, Predators and Visitors benches, Goal Zone Seating & Sideline Balcony Seating.

bridgestone arena seating capacity

Bridgestone Arena 100 level Seating

100 level at Bridgestone Arena is the lower bowl, and it offers some of the best seats in the arena for concerts and sporting events. The seats are close to the stage or ice, and they offer excellent views of the action.

Bridgestone 100 level seating has 20 sections from section 101-section 120 located all around the lower bowl.

Some of the best seats at 100 level of Bridgestone Arena are:

Lexus Inner Circle First and Second Row Glass Seats: These seats are located in the first two rows of the Lexus Inner Circle, which is a premium seating area on the 100 level.

All-Inclusive Zone: This zone is located in sections 109-111 on the 100 level south end zone. It offers all-inclusive food and beverage service, as well as access to a private club lounge. Dierks Bentley’s Whisky Row is a popular all-inclusive zone for Nashville Predators games. It is located in the back of sections in rows F-L and the tabletops of sections 109-111 on the south end of the stadium.

200 Level Seating at Bridgestone Arena

200 level seating at Bridgestone Arena is a great option for fans looking for a good view of the ice without breaking the bank. These seats are located in the middle of the arena, offering a good vantage point for both hockey games and concerts. They are also slightly elevated, which gives fans a better view of the action.

Bridgestone Arena 200 level sections are numbered 201-224. There are 10 rows of seats in most sections, with the exception of the side sections, which only have 4 rows. The first row of seats in each section is labeled “A” and the last row is labeled “K”.

200 level seating also has club seats and loge boxes, thus also known as club level of Bridgestone arena.

Some of the different types of club level seating options at Bridgestone Arena 200 Level:

Loge boxes: These private boxes are located at the center of the arena between section 207 & 208 and can accommodate up to four people. They offer excellent views of the ice or stage, as well as their own food and beverage service.

501 Club: This members-only club offers all-inclusive food, beverage, and parking for all events at Bridgestone Arena. It is located between section 218 and 219.

Bridgestone Arena 300 Level Seating

300 level at Bridgestone Arena is the upper level of the arena. It consists of sections 301 through 333. The number of rows in each section varies, but most sections have between 10 and 20 rows.

Seats on the 300 level are typically less expensive than seats on the lower levels, but they offer a more elevated view of the arena. The views from the 300 level are generally good, but they can be far away from the stage or court.

For concerts, it is recommended to sit in the lower rows of the 300 level (rows A-F) for the best views. For sporting events, it is recommended to sit in the center sections (309-312) for the best views of the action.

Section 301-306 to 329-333 is known as Goal Zone. These are amongst the cheapest seats in predators’ game. Sections 307-312 and 323-328 is known as Sideline Balcony Seats.

Suites at Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena has 72 luxury suites, located on the lower and upper levels of the arena. The lower level suites are designated as “S” suites and are located above the 100 level sections. The upper level suites are designated as “C” suites and are located above the 200 level sections.

Each suite has a private bar, dining area, and seating for up to 20 guests. Suites also come with a variety of amenities, including: 16-20 tickets to each event, 2 VIP parking passes, a private bar with food and drink service, a large TV with surround sound, a comfortable seating area and, private restroom.

bridgestone suites seating chart

Some of the premium suites and lounge at Bridgestone Arena are:

Lexus Lounge

It is located on the end zone of suites. The lounge is a full-season, members-only club during Predators’ hockey games and include amenities like unlimited buffet and beverages, including draft beer, wine and select spirits for most events.

bridgestone arena suite

Lexus Lounge Norris Suite and Catfish Suite

Lexus Lounge Suites are private, luxurious spaces located in the Lexus Lounge that offer guests the ultimate entertainment experience for both concerts and Nashville Predators hockey games. The suites are available for nightly rental or multiple event packages.

These suite comes with a variety of amenities, including 20 premium center ice tickets for hockey games, 21 tickets in a private floor box for concerts and shows, two private parking passes in the attached 6th Avenue Garage, an all-inclusive food and beverage package, a personal bartender and in-seat service for concerts only, a private restroom, unprecedented access to Nashville Predators players as they take the ice, and the ability to use the suite for meetings or private gatherings on non-event days.

Hap & Harry’s Taproom

Hap & Harry's Taproom

ADA Seating at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to indicate that you require accessible seating so they can properly seat you.

ADA seating includes wheelchair accessible seats and companion seats. Wheelchair accessible seats are located in designated areas on each level of the arena. Companion seats are located next to wheelchair accessible seats and are reserved for the use of a companion or care giver.

You can checkout Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart to locate ADA seating sections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the seating capacity of Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Arena has a seating capacity that can accommodate approximately 17,500 people for hockey games and up to 19,395 for concerts and other events.

How many seating levels are there in Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Arena features three seating levels: the lower level or 100 level, the club level or 200 level, and the upper level or 300 level. Each level offers a unique viewing experience and amenities.

Can I choose my seats when purchasing tickets for an event at Bridgestone Arena?

Yes, when purchasing tickets for events at Bridgestone Arena, you can often choose your preferred seats from the available options. Bridgestone Arena seating chart allows you to see the available seats and select the ones that suit your preferences.

What amenities are available in the club level seating at Bridgestone Arena?

Club level seating at Bridgestone Arena provides a premium experience with amenities such as comfortable seating, private entrances, access to upscale dining and lounges, and enhanced sightlines for a more luxurious event experience.

How can I find the best seats for a concert at Bridgestone Arena?

To find the best seats for a concert at Bridgestone Arena, consider factors such as your budget, the artist’s stage setup, and your preferred view. Websites and ticket platforms often provide interactive seating charts to help you make an informed decision.

Can I upgrade my seating at Bridgestone Arena after purchasing tickets?

Upgrading your seating at Bridgestone Arena after purchasing tickets may be possible, depending on availability. Contact the arena’s ticketing office or the event organizers to inquire about potential upgrades and any associated costs.

How early should I arrive at Bridgestone Arena to find my seats comfortably?

It’s recommended to arrive at Bridgestone Arena at least 30 minutes before the event starts. This will give you enough time to find your seats, explore the arena, and settle in comfortably before the show begins.

Final Words: Bridgestone Arena Nashville

Bridgestone Arena isn’t just a venue; it’s a hub of unforgettable moments. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or a music enthusiast, understanding the Bridgestone arena seating chart can greatly enhance your experience.

From the heart-pounding action in the Lower Bowl to the premium comfort of the Club Level, each seat offers a unique perspective on the magic that unfolds on the arena’s stage.

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