Canada Life Centre Seating Chart and Map 2024

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Welcome to Canada Life Centre Seating Chart and Guide! Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan, a music aficionado eager for the next big concert, or just someone seeking an unforgettable live experience, understanding the Canada Life Centre seating arrangement is your passport to an unforgettable time.

In this guide, we delve deep into the heart of Canada Life Centre seating chart, unraveling its nuances, perks, and must-know details. From the adrenaline-pumping action of Winnipeg Jets games to the electric atmosphere of sold-out concerts, the seating chart is your blueprint for choosing the perfect spot to witness the magic unfold.

Let’s dive in!

Canada Life Centre Seating Chart and Map for Winnipeg Jets

Canada Life Centre Seating Chart for Concert

canada life centre seating chart for concert

Canada Life Centre Seating Capacity and Overview

Canada Life Centre opened in 2004 and replaced the Winnipeg Arena as the home of the Jets. The arena has been praised for its modern design and amenities, and has hosted a variety of major events, including the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championship, the 2011 Grey Cup, and the 2019 NHL Heritage Classic.

canada life centre seating

Canada Life Centre 100 level Seating

Canada Life Centre 100 level seating is the lower bowl of the arena, and it is the closest seating to the ice. There are 27 sections of 100 level seating, with each section containing up to 16 rows of seats. The sections are numbered 101 to 127, with Section 119 being behind the Winnipeg Jets bench, Section 118 being behind the visiting team bench, and Sections 105-106 being behind the penalty box.

100 level seating is the great place to sit for a hockey game at Canada Life Centre . Fans will be close to the action and will be able to fully appreciate how fast the game moves down the ice. The seats in the lower rows will also give fans a good view of the players’ faces and expressions.

For concerts, the 100 level seating is also a good option. Fans will be close to the stage and will have a good view of the performance. However, the seats in the lower rows may be obstructed by the stage setup.

200 Level Seating at Canada Life Centre

200 level seating at Canada Life Centre is a good option for fans who want a more elevated view of the ice or stage. The seats are slightly further away than the 100 level seats, but they still offer good sightlines and a comfortable viewing experience.

Canada Life Centre 200 level has 28 sections numbered from 201 to 228. Most of the sections has 7 number of rows and there is more legroom and space to move around.

Canada Life Centre 300 level seating

300 level at Canada Life Centre is the upper level of the arena. It is divided into 30 sections, each with 12 rows of seating. Canada Life Centre 300 level offers a more affordable option for tickets to concerts and sporting events. The views from the 300 level are generally good, but they are not as close as the views from the lower levels.

The best 300 level seats for hockey games are in the center sections, such as 306-307 and 319-320. These seats have good views of the ice and the action. For concerts, the best 300 level seats are in the front rows of the sections. This will give you the closest view of the stage.

Canada Life Centre Loge Level

Loge Level at Canada Life Centre is a single row of seats at the front of the 300 level. There are 30 loge box seating numbered L301 to L330. The seats offer privacy similar to box seats since they are separated from the rest of the level.

Canada Life Centre loge level seats go around the entire bowl, so loge seat views can vary for both concerts and Jets games depending on the location of your section.

Loge seating is a great option for fans who want a more luxurious and private experience at Canada Life Centre. The seats offer excellent views of the ice or stage, and the amenities are top-notch. If you’re looking for a special night out, loge seating is the way to go.

ADA Seating at Canada Life Centre Winnipeg

Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg has a variety of accessible seating options for guests with disabilities. There are 11 sections with accessible seating in the lower and upper bowls, and all premium suites and the King Club lounge can also accommodate accessible seating.

In addition to accessible seating, Canada Life Centre also has a number of other accessibility features, including:

  • Accessible washrooms and water fountains
  • Accessible telephones and ATMs
  • Accessible ticket windows and concessions
  • Braille signage
  • Designated parking stalls for guests with disabilities
  • Accessible drop-off and pick-up
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Closed captioning services


What are the best seats at Winnipeg Jets?

The best seats at Winnipeg Jets are center ice, sections 105-106 and 118-119. These seats offer the best views of the ice and the action, and are also relatively close to the players. If you are looking for a more luxurious option, the 300 level Loge seats are a good choice. These seats offer wider and more comfortable seats with a personal ledge directly in front. Fans here will also be offered merchandise discounts at the Jets team store and a complimentary coat check.

best seats at winnipeg jets

Where to sit at Canada Life Centre?

The best seats at Canada Life Centre for a concert are in the 100 Level Side sections, near center ice. These seats offer excellent views of the stage and the performance, without being too close to the action. Sections 106-107 and 117-118 are particularly good options. For a hockey game, the best seats are in the 200 Level Center sections, also near center ice. These seats offer great views of both nets, and a perfect seating height that gives you great views to almost any area of the ice surface. Sections 204-207 are among our favorites here.


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