NRG Stadium Parking Guide 2024: Lots, Pass, and Tips

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Are you looking for NRG Stadium parking guide or where to park for a Houston Texans Game? You are at a right place.

NRG Stadium is the home of Houston Texans football team. The stadium also host many other sports and entertainment events throughout the year.

It is really difficult to find a good parking spot on a gameday. In this post, I am going to give you the details of parking at NRG Stadium, Parking map, on-site parking, parking for Texans Game, RVs parking and other important information.

What is the location of NRG Stadium?

NRG Stadium is located at NRG Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054, in the southern part of the city. The stadium is easily accessible by car, public transportation, and other alternative modes of transportation.

NRG Stadium Parking Lots : On-site Parking

NRG Stadium has 10 on-site parking lots where you can park your vehicle.

  1. Blue Lot
  2. Orange Lot
  3. Yellow Lot
  4. Purple Lot
  5. Green Lot
  6. Teal Lot
  7. Red Lot
  8. Tan Lot/ Dock 1
  9. Maroon Lot
  10. Platinum Lot

All the parking lot of NRG Stadium opens 4 hours before the gameplay except Platinum parking lot. Platinum parking lot opens 5 hour prior to the kickoff.

What is the best parking lot for NRG Stadium?

There are 10 parking lots available for NRG Stadium. Yellow lot is considered as the best parking lot for NRG Stadium. It is the closest lot to the stadium and has the most available spaces.

NRG Stadium Yellow Lot can be accessed from Gate 10 on Murworth Drive or from McNee Road. Tailgating is also allowed in yellow lot of NRG Stadium. However, parking in the NRG Yellow Lot can be more expensive than other lots, especially for Texans’ game or other popular events.

If the NRG Yellow Lot is full or not within your budget, there are other parking lots available, such as the NRG Blue Lot, the Purple Lot, and the Green Lot. These lots may be farther from the stadium, but they typically have lower prices for parking.

NRG Stadium Parking Map

NRG Stadium Parking Map

How much does parking cost at NRG Stadium?

Generally, parking cost at NRG stadium is between $30-$150. There is different price for different parking lot. Typically, the closest lots to the stadium, such as the NRG Yellow Lot, have higher parking fees than lots farther away.

Parking fees at NRG Stadium ranged from $30 to $150 for Texans football games and other major events, with prices subject to change based on the event. The price of parking may also increase for oversized vehicles or for parking in areas that allow tailgating.

FAQs about NRG Stadium parking

Q: Can I reserve a parking spot in advance?

A: Yes, you can reserve parking spots in advance using parking apps like ParkWhiz and SpotHero.

Q: Is there free parking available at NRG Stadium?

A: Unfortunately, there is no free parking available at NRG Stadium. However, the Yellow Lot is the cheapest option, with prices ranging from $10 to $40 depending on the event.

Q: How early should I arrive to ensure a parking spot?

A: It’s best to arrive early to ensure you get a parking spot, as spots fill up quickly. Aim to arrive at least 1-2 hours before the event starts.

Q: Are there designated parking spaces for disabled visitors?

A: Yes, NRG Stadium offers designated parking spaces for disabled visitors in all parking lots.

Q: Can I tailgate at NRG Stadium?

A: Yes, tailgating is allowed in the designated tailgating area in the Blue Lot. However, glass containers are not allowed and tailgating is only allowed until kickoff.

Q: Can I park an RV at NRG Stadium?

A: Yes, NRG Stadium offers RV parking in the Platinum Lot for $150 per space. RVs are not allowed to park in any other lot.

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