Phish Setlist 2024: Latest Concert, Tour Dates, Ticket Price and Schedule

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Hey there, music lovers! Are you looking for latest Phish Setlist? Look no further because we’ve got you covered with all the exciting details about their latest concert and tour.

In this article, we’ll reveal Phish setlist for 2023, share the upcoming tour dates, discuss concert ticket prices, and provide you with the complete schedule.

So grab your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and let’s get started!

Phish Band: Brief Overview

Phish is a four-piece American rock band formed in Vermont in 1983. The band consists of Trey Anastasio (guitar, vocals), Mike Gordon (bass, vocals), Page McConnell (keyboards, vocals), and Jon Fishman (drums, vocals). Phish is known for their improvisational live performances and their eclectic mix of musical styles, which include rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, and electronica.

Phish music concert

The band has released 14 studio albums, 12 live albums, and 10 compilation albums. They have also won four Grammy Awards. Phish has a large and dedicated fan base, known as “Phans.” The band’s live shows are often attended by thousands of people, and they have sold out arenas and stadiums around the world. Let’s look into Phish setlist below.

Phish Setlist 2023

Phish is known for their improvisational jamming and ever-changing setlists, making each concert a unique experience.

Here are the most played Phish setlist in 2023 so far:

  • Set 1 openers: Down with Disease, Rock and Roll, Chalk Dust Torture, Carini, Crosseyed and Painless, Golden Age, Mike’s Song, Drowned, Backwards Down the Number Line, Tweezer
  • Set 2 openers: Halley’s Comet, Tweezer, Wingsuit, Birds of a Feather, Joy, Taste, What’s the Use?, The Howling, Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.
  • Encores: Punch You in the Eye, Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S., You Enjoy Myself, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise, Character Zero, Cavern, Bug, Possum, Free, Light
Phish band setlist

If you are looking for the most recent Phish setlist of 2023, here are some of the most recent setlist from Phish’s 2023 tour:

April 22, 2023 – Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

  • Set 1: Ghost, David Bowie, Esther, Harry Hood, Meat, Split Open and Melt, Leaves, The Squirming Coil
  • Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture, Twist, Also sprach Zarathustra, op. 30, Sneakin’ Sally Thru the Alley, Back on the Train, A Life Beyond the Dream, First Tube
  • Encore:  Run Like an Antelope

April 23, 2023 – Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

  • Set 1: Birds of a Feather, Roggae, The Divided Sky, Cities, Tube, Taste, About to Run
  • Set 2: Mr. Completely, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Wolfman’s Brother, Ruby Waves, Gotta Jibboo, No Quarter, Possum, 
  • Encore: Wilson, Slave to the Traffic Light

Phish’s Latest Tour Schedule and Ticket Price

Phish has announced an 8-date Fall Tour in 2023, beginning with three shows in Nashville, Tennessee on October 6, 7, and 8. They will then move on to Dayton, Ohio for two shows on October 10 and 11, before wrapping up the tour with three shows in Chicago, Illinois on October 13, 14, and 15.

Tickets for the Fall Tour will go on sale to the general public on July 1, 2023. Presale tickets will be available to Phish fans who have a verified fan account on the band’s website.

Here is the full schedule for the Phish Fall Tour 2023:

DateCityVenueTicket Price
October 6, 2023Nashville, TNBridgestone Arena$59.50
October 7, 2023Nashville, TNBridgestone Arena$59.50
October 8, 2023Nashville, TNBridgestone Arena$59.50
October 10, 2023Dayton, OHWright State University Nutter Center$49.50
October 11, 2023Dayton, OHWright State University Nutter Center$49.50
October 13, 2023Chicago, ILUnited Center$59.50
October 14, 2023Chicago, ILUnited Center$59.50
October 15, 2023Chicago, ILUnited Center$59.50

Ticket prices for the Fall Tour have not yet been announced. However, tickets for Phish’s summer tour in 2023 ranged in price from $49.50 to $199.50.

You can find more information about Phish’s Fall Tour 2023 on the band’s website:

Phish Concert Ticket Price and Availability

The price of Phish concert tickets can vary depending on the venue, the day of the week, and the demand for tickets. However, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 per ticket. Front row tickets can cost upwards of $1,000.

Here are some examples of Phish concert ticket prices from different venues:

  • Madison Square Garden: Tickets for Phish’s New Year’s Eve shows at Madison Square Garden typically start at around $150.
  • The Gorge Amphitheater: Tickets for Phish’s summer tour at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state start at around $100.
  • Giant Center: Tickets for Phish’s show at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania start at around $75.

Tickets for Phish concerts typically go on sale a few months in advance. You can buy tickets from the venue’s website, from a third-party ticket seller, or from a fan who is reselling their tickets.

Phish is one of the most popular live music acts in the world. Their Fall Tour in 2023 is sure to be a sell-out. If you’re a fan of Phish, be sure to get your tickets early!

FAQs: Phish Setlist

How often does Phish rotate their setlist during a tour?

Phish never repeats a song within the same run of shows, which can last anywhere from 2 to 13 nights. This means that they rotate their Phish setlist every night, playing a different selection of songs from their extensive catalog. This keeps things fresh for both the band and the fans, and it’s one of the things that makes Phish shows so unique.

What are the fan-favorite songs that Phish typically includes in their setlist?

Here are some of the fan-favorite songs that Phish typically includes in their setlist: You Enjoy Myself (most played song ever), Farmhouse, Bouncing ‘Round the Room, Tweezer, Reba, Harry Hood, Mike’s Song, Simple, Split Open and Melt, Fluffhead. These songs are often played in long, improvisational versions that can change from night to night. This is part of what makes Phish concerts so unique and exciting for fans.

Final Words

Phish concerts are a rockin’ adventure filled with amazing music, happy vibes, and unforgettable moments. Phish setlist and their songs will make you want to dance and sing along. Get ready for a Phish concert by getting your ticket, preparing for the adventure, and bringing your happy vibes. Cheers!

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