Gas South Arena Seating Chart 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for anyone looking for the Gas South Arena Seating Chart or best seats at the Gas South Arena! We know you want to make the most of your experience, so we’ve put together this guide with all the information you need to know.

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just looking for an awesome night out, this guide will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s hit it!

gas south arena
NameGas South Arena
Seating Capacity13,000
Former NamesGwinnett Civic Center Arena (2003–04); The Arena at Gwinnett Center (2004–15); Infinite Energy Arena (2015–21)
Home TeamsAtlanta Gladiator, Georgia Swarn
Address6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth, GA 30097

Gas South Arena Seating Chart

Gas South Arena is one of the region’s largest multi-use venues for performances, sports games and events. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this popular arena offers seating capacity of up to 13,000 people in its state-of-the-art facility.

The layout of the venue consists of several different sections and seating levels designed to accommodate any type of activity or event.

When planning your visit, it is important to understand the various seating options available at Gas South Arena. Whether you are attending a concert with family or friends or cheering on your favorite team with season tickets – knowing what seats are best can help determine where you should sit!

Gas South Arena seating chart hockey
Gas South Arena Seating Chart – Ice Hockey

The Gas South Arena stadium level seating consists of 46 rows (A – FF) with up to 10 seats per row (1 – 10). This section provides attendees with some additional elevation for better views and improved sound quality.

If you are looking for an enhanced experience located closest to the stage or court – clubs seating is located on all sides ranging from Sections 3 – 14. Here you will find comfortable leather seats, dedicated waitstaff and special video board benefits. If a more cost efficient option is desired – terrace/balcony (sections 1 – 15) has up to 14 rows per section, starting at Row A and ending at Row P (some sections may vary).

Lastly lower bowl seating includes two sides (sections 100 – 122) for both arenas configurations; set up close to the court or stage, these seats offer excellent visibility throughout any event.

Gas South Arena Seating Chart – Concert

Regardless if you’re attending an upcoming game or musical performance; Gas South Arena seating chart offers patrons a variety of seating choices – making it easier overall when planning your visit!

Gas South Arena Seating Capacity

Gas South Arena has a seating capacity of 13000 people. The arena features two levels for seating with variable sections for sports and concert fans.

Guests can choose from standard seating with rows and sections or luxury seating such as suites and club level areas. This provides a flexible arena set up that can accommodate virtually any type of event from large concerts to smaller reunions or business meetings.

The lower level offers 6500 seats across 41 rows within 6 concourse sections – Center Court & Upper End Zone 1 through 5 – all with views of three different sides of the playing floor or stage area depending on the event being held in the arena at any given time.

The Upper Level offers 5288 seats across 24 rows within 7 concourse sections – Club Suite & Loge Level 1 through 6 – all offering excellent views of all sides of the playing floor or stage area at any given time depending on what type of events are being held in Gas South Arena throughout the calendar year.

gas south arena seats

Floor Seating – Gas South Arena

Floor seating at the Gas South Arena in Atlanta has some of the best views of any arena seating you’ll find. Seating chart options include individual seat tickets, floor box seats, and more.

Individual Seat Tickets for the Gas South Arena occur in sections 103 through 107. The sections consist of rows A-V and seat numbers 1-20, with Lower Level Box suites located next to Rows A-I. Floor seating locations have great views since they are close to all fan interactions and just steps away from the court or playing area.

Fans have access to the upper level concourse with bar/food and restroom amenities directly below them including sections 104 & 105 on your way into section 106 & 107 for a truly immersive experience.

The Floor Box Enclosures consist of sections 101 & 102 taking up the entire row with 2 rows between them (rows A-M). This option is ideal for larger groups as it affords stadium comfort style seating right on floor level with access to the baseline side concourses should you wish to get food or hit pit stops along your journey inside this world class arena!

For those looking at securing premium floor seating options, there are also Suites ranging from 10 – 20 people depending on size/allocation preference! This section consists of 8 individual suites along Row M that feature 3 rows each, giving guests a luxury sports experience like no other!

Suites at Gas South Arena include LCD televisions featuring various games throughout so that you know exactly what’s happening during your stay at Gas South Arena! All suites are serviced by an elevator located near section 101 which takes patrons directly up to their suite entrance so that guests can make their way into the venue hassle free and quickly hop into action once entering their designated area.

Lower Level Seating at Gas South Arena

Gas South Arena’s lower level seating is highlighted by the court-side box seats, which are located in the center of the stadium. These seats put fans just twenty feet away from the action, providing a great way to experience live sports.

The floor seating consists of several sections surrounding the entire court and comes with extra legroom, making it perfect for anyone who wants to get as close as possible to all the action in the Arena.

Also at this level are club seats and premium court-side box seats; these offer cushioned chairs with extra padding, seat back chairs for additional support, complimentary food & beverage provided at club bars & lounges, dedicated concessions stands offering gourmet food items and private restrooms.

Premium seating options can provide access to exclusive Skybar areas within Gas South Arena; here fans can enjoy a first-class experience while taking in breathtaking views of downtown Atlanta and enjoying craft beer offerings both before or after their event experience.

Gas South Arena Upper Level Seating

Upper level seating at Gas South Arena offers some of the best views in the house – you’ll have perfect sight lines over the ice and detailed views of every foul, save and goal. With sections 101-115 on the upper level, you can choose a seat or two to make your game night even more memorable.

gas south arena upper level seating

The sections are divided in half by a center aisle with just 100 seats on each side:

  • Section 101: This is one of the closest sections to the stage, which makes it an excellent spot for enjoying performances; you won’t miss any of the action even if you’re sitting near the back.

  • Section 102-105: These sections provide great angles over all ends of the ice, making them perfect for watching games or taking everything in.

  • Section 106-110: These sections seem to blend together as one large deep section that overlooks most of the center ice from an elevated view.

  • Section 111-113: Slightly closer to all end zones than section 106-110, these sections get full quickly due to their convenient location and angle for catching all goals and penalties that occur during play!

  • Section 114 & 115: The furthest back on the upper level, but has great sight lines that extend into both corners so you don’t miss any hard hits along either side or up against boards – an excellent choice for those that don’t want any surprises at game time!

Club Level Seating at Gas South Arena

Club Level Seating at Gas South Arena gives you a great view of the action and offers many amenities. With access to special clubs, bars, lounges, and private boxes, Gas South Arena has seating to fit everyone’s taste and budget.

Club Level Seating provides a comfortable space for you watch your favorite teams and artists perform. With mostly cushioned folding chairs as well as upper level floor sections near center stage where snacks can be served on chairs brought in by attendants. The outlook on the court is excellent from anywhere in Club Level with prime viewing angles for every game or show.

Gas South Arena Club Level has all types of seating options available for guests, such as the following:

  • Premium Suites

  • Loggia Boxes

  • Pantages Club Boxes

  • Promenade Boxes

  • Upper Center Court Floor Sections 1 & 2 (a more intimate experience where food & drinks are provided).

These exclusive club areas also offer additional benefits including exclusive parking, VIP entrances with faster concession lines & VIP assistance throughout games & shows.

The atmosphere is always exceptional on the club level and allows you to sit back and enjoy your event without worrying about missing any of the action below or having an obstructed view due to people standing up in front of you!

Reserved seating selection varies per event so be sure that you check out available Gas South Arena seating chart diagrams when purchasing tickets online or over the phone if necessary.

Gas South Arena Suites

Gas South Arena suites provide the ultimate way to enjoy an event. Suites are located on the facility’s premium levels, and feature top-notch amenities that will make you feel like a VIP.

Suites feature seating for between 12 and 24 guests, along with luxury amenities that include upscale seating, closed circuit TVs and wet bars stocked with a variety of refreshments. Each suite also has its own private restroom, further adding to the comfort and convenience of your experience.

The suites at Gas South Arena can be yours for the day by purchasing a suite rental package; packages vary depending on the size of your group. Each package includes suite access for up to the number of people in your party – plus exclusive catering options available at an additional cost.

Looking to bring larger groups? Worry not, as each suite can be combined or divided into smaller or larger spaces as needed – providing ample room to accommodate larger groups while ensuring all guests still remain comfortable while watching the action in their own reserved area within one suite.

Anywhere from 12-144+ persons may experience events from within individual suites at Gas South Arena! Guests can even book two adjacent suites in order to host an even bigger event. Make sure you check out what’s included before making your purchase by visiting our website for more information about our Luxury Suite offers today!

Gas South Arena Handicap & Accessible Seating

Gas South Arena offers a range of seating options for customers with special needs, including properly designated wheelchair and accessible seating in an effort to provide every guest with a memorable experience.

Handicap & accessible seating is available on the bottom level and can be found in Sections B & M. Each section is equipped with four handicap row markers on each railing to ensure guests can quickly and easily identify the front-facing handicap rows within those sections.

Guests needing special assistance will also receive priority access to avoid long wait times and have their limited mobility facility needs met. Due to additional security measures, it is recommended that any guest wishing to access these specific areas arrives at least 30 minutes prior to the start of an event as identification may be required at security points before entering Gas South Arena.

It is also important for guests feeling overwhelmed or requiring additional help navigating the arena that staff members are always available for assistance as needed. If unable to ask at the venue, please contact support staff in advance by referring specific requests or questions via email or telephone inquiries.

Gas South Arena has handicap & accessible seating throughout all levels of the arena that can be easily identified by looking out for blue signs at entry points, especially along ramps which often lead reduced mobility guests directly into Sections B & M on Tier 1 where space allocated solely for those in need of accessible designated seating options is located.

Gas South Arena – FAQs

Gas South Arena located in Atlanta, Georgia provides unforgettable experiences for all its visitors. Here, you can find frequently asked questions about our Gas South Arena floor seating chart.

What can I expect from Gas South Arena’s seating options?

The arena has a wide range of seating options for different types of events. Whether it’s a concert, comedy show, or sporting event- there are different types of general admission seating structures depending on the show. Commonly found from the closest viewpoints to the farthest away are lower bowl, upper bowl and reserved. There are also club level seats which provide additional comfortable amenities and luxury packages that enhance your experience even further.

What do I need to know before buying tickets at Gas South Arena?

When selecting your seats make sure to check out the view points you’ll be seeing while sitting in certain areas – if you’re seated in the lower bowl section versus upper bowl section – you’ll be able to determine how close or far away you would prefer to be during the show. Gas South Arena also offers virtual 3D view seating maps which gives guests an interactive preview when selecting their seat locations. It’s important to also look out for any applicable charges for add-on items prior to making your purchase such as parking fees and other ticket fees which may apply depending on where you choose to get your tickets from.

Are there any accessible seats available?

Yes! We offer accessible seats located throughout various sections of the arena that are specifically designed with physical needs that accommodate patrons who use wheelchairs or have mobility issues. All accessible seats with companion seating can be found directly on our form when selecting your seat location prior to purchase – all companion ticket prices will not exceed price range shown for each seat category upon purchasing season tickets or single-game tickets.

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