Nationwide Arena Bag Policy: Best Guide

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Heading to Nationwide Arena for a concert, hockey game, or another exciting event?

Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets and a hub for concerts and events, has a strict bag policy in place to ensure security and expedite entry for guests.

Familiarizing yourself with the Nationwide Arena bag policy will ensure a smooth and speedy entry.

Nationwide Arena Bag Policy

Nationwide Arena has a no bag policy in place for the safety and comfort of guests.

Only exceptions are:

  • Small clutch or wallet: This is the only permitted bag, and it must be no bigger than 8″x 5″x 1″. It will be X-rayed at the entrance.
  • Medical bags and diaper bags: These are allowed but will also be subject to inspection.
nationwide arena bag policy
Nationwide arena bag policy


Can you bring a backpack to Nationwide Arena?

No, you cannot bring a backpack to Nationwide Arena according to their bag policy.

They only allow clutches or wallets no bigger than 8″x5″x1″ and even those are subject to X-ray screening.

Exceptions are made for medical and diaper bags, but these will be inspected.

What are the bag restrictions for the Blue Jackets?

The Columbus Blue Jackets have a strict bag policy in place at Nationwide Arena for the safety and comfort of everyone.

  • Generally, only clutches or bags no larger than 8″x 5″x 1″ are allowed.
  • Exceptions are made for medical bags and diaper bags, but they will be subject to inspection.
  • Backpacks, purses, coolers, briefcases, and other large bags are prohibited.

If you need to bring a larger bag due to medical or childcare needs, you’ll be allowed to enter the arena with it, but expect a thorough security check.

What items are prohibited in Nationwide Arena?

Prohibited items in Nationwide arena other than the bag policy mentioned above are:

  • Large electronics: Laptops, tablets, and cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed.
  • Weapons of any kind, including firearms, knives, and tools
  • Illegal drugs and fireworks
  • Outside food and beverages, including alcohol
  • Noisemakers like air horns or whistles
  • Large umbrellas with pointed tips (small foldable umbrellas are okay)
  • Signs or banners that block other people’s view or have poles
  • Confetti, markers, paint, and inflatables
  • Drones or remote-controlled aircraft
  • Sealed or wrapped packages
  • Selfie sticks
  • Stickers
  • Laser pointers

It’s recommended to check the official Nationwide Arena website or call them at (614) 246-2000 for the latest information on prohibited items, especially for specific events like concerts which may have their own restrictions.

nationwide arena prohibited items

Are there lockers at Nationwide Arena?

Nationwide Arena itself doesn’t offer traditional lockers for personal belongings.

However, there’s a service called Binbox that provides rentable lockers at the arena entrances on McConnell Blvd and Front St.

These lockers are suitable for storing specific items, especially oversized bags that might not be allowed inside.

Can you bring food into nationwide arena in my bag?

No, you cannot bring outside food or drinks into Nationwide Arena. They have a strict policy against it.

However, there are a variety of concessions stands inside the arena that offer a wide selection of food and beverages.

You can also check the Nationwide Arena website or app for menus and locations of concession stands before you go to the event.

Can you bring bottled water into Nationwide Arena?

No, you cannot bring bottled water into Nationwide Arena. Their policy prohibits outside food and beverages, including sealed water bottles.

However, you can purchase bottled water from concession stands inside the arena.

Enjoy your visit to Nationwide Arena

By familiarizing yourself with Nationwide Arena bag policy, you can avoid any surprises at the entrance.

Leaving non-essential items at home or using a luggage storage service will ensure a quicker and more convenient entry process.

By following above guidelines, you can move through security and be ready to enjoy the event at Nationwide Arena!

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