T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart and Guide

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Navigating the T-Mobile Arena seating Chart and arrangements can be both exciting and overwhelming. Understanding the seating options, views, and amenities can significantly enhance your experience at this renowned venue.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed insights into the T-Mobile arena seating chart and seating options, ensuring you find the perfect spot for your next event.

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – Basketball

T-mobile arena seating chart for basketball

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – Hockey

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart - Hockey

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – Boxing

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart - Boxing

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – UFC Event

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart - UFC Event

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – Center Stage Concert

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart – End Stage Concert

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart - End Stage Concert

T-Mobile Arena Capacity

The T-Mobile Arena has a standard seating capacity of 20,000. However, this number can vary depending on the configuration of the arena for different events.

T-Mobile arena capacity for different events:

  • Boxing/UFC: 20,000
  • End Stage Concerts: 12,000 – 18,000
  • Center Stage Concert: 19,500 – 20,000
  • Hockey: 17,500
  • Basketball: 18,000

The arena also has a variety of other event spaces, including:

  • Club Level: 1,800 seats
  • Luxury Suites: 44 suites
  • Party Suites: 2 suites
  • Event Level Suites: 8
  • Lexus Lounge: 2,000 seats
  • More than two dozen private loge boxes
t-mobile arena capacity

T-Moblie Arena Premium Seating

T-Mobile Arena offers a variety of premium seating options to enhance your event experience, from club seats and loge boxes to luxury suites and party boxes.

Club Seats

T-Mobile Arena club seats are located in the center sections of the lower bowl, offering prime views of the stage or court. It includes access to exclusive lounges like the Bud Light Lounge and Ghost Lounge. Membership program available for priority access and other benefits. Members also enjoy priority access to purchase tickets for all events.

Luxury Suites

The ultimate premium seating experience, offering private balconies with stunning views of the arena, plush furnishings, and personalized service. Includes 16 tickets to most public events, with the option to purchase additional tickets. VIP parking passes, exclusive arena entrances, and access to private lounges and clubs. Luxurious furnishings, bar area, premium TVs, and first-class catering available.

Loge Boxes

Loge Boxes are located on the mezzanine level, offering comfortable seating with excellent sightlines. Semi-private setting with dedicated food and beverage service. Loge Boxes are ideal for groups or corporate outings.

Party Suites

T-Mobile arena party suites are perfect for large groups or celebrations, offering a private space with a dedicated bar and lounge area. It includes a mix of seating options, including couches, bar stools, and tables. Some party suites have balconies overlooking the arena bowl.

Lexus Club

Exclusive club for Lexus owners, offering access to a private lounge with food, beverages, and TVs. Priority access to purchase tickets for select events. Lexus club is located on the club level with stunning views of the arena.

Golden Circle

This exclusive seating area is located around the center ice for Golden Knights games, offering up-close views of the action. Golden Circle seats also include access to the Lexus Lounge.

T-Mobile Arena Hyde Lounge

Hyde Lounge is a luxurious, 18,000-square-foot space located on the 5th floor of T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It offers stunning views of the arena floor, the Las Vegas Strip, and the surrounding mountains. The lounge features a variety of seating options, including plush booths, high-top tables, and a dance floor. There are also four full-service bars, as well as bottle service available.

Hyde Lounge is open during all T-Mobile Arena events, as well as for private events. The dress code is upscale casual. Reservations are recommended, especially for large groups.

Hyde Lounge is a 21+ venue. A valid ID is required for all guests.

T-Mobile Arena Hyde Lounge is known for:

  • Unparalleled views: The lounge’s location on the 5th floor provides guests with stunning views of the arena floor, the Las Vegas Strip, and the surrounding mountains.
  • Luxurious atmosphere: The lounge is decorated in a modern, upscale style with plush seating, high-end finishes, and a state-of-the-art sound system.
  • Bottle service: Hyde Lounge is one of the few places in Las Vegas where you can bottle service. This is a great option for groups or for those who want to experience the ultimate VIP treatment.
  • High-energy DJs: The lounge has a team of talented DJs who spin the latest hits all night long. This is a great place to dance and let loose.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and unforgettable experience, Hyde Lounge is the place to go. Just be sure to dress to impress and make a reservation in advance. You can make reservations online or by calling 702.692.1626.

T-Mobile Arena Flight Deck Seating

The Flight Deck at T-Mobile Arena is a standing-room only area located on the top level of the arena. It offers some of the cheapest tickets to Golden Knights games, and it can be a great place to soak in the atmosphere of the game.

The Flight Deck is divided into two sections: East and West. The East section is located behind the visitor’s bench, while the West section is located behind the home bench. Both sections offer great views of the ice, but the East section may have slightly better views of the scoreboard.

T-Mobile arena flight deck

Accessible Seating at T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena is committed to providing an accessible experience for all guests, including those with disabilities. They offer accessible seating on all levels of the arena, with comparable prices and viewing angles to other seats.

Accessible seating is available in multiple locations throughout the arena, including the lower bowl, club level, and upper bowl. The specific locations of accessible seating will vary depending on the event.

There are two main types of accessible seating at T-Mobile Arena: wheelchair seating and transfer seating. Wheelchair seating is designed for guests who use wheelchairs and has space for a companion seat. Transfer seating is designed for guests who can transfer from their wheelchair to a fixed seat.

You can purchase accessible seating tickets online at https://www.axs.com/venues/101949/t-mobile-arena-las-vegas-tickets or https://www.t-mobilearena.com/, by phone at 1-888-929-7849, or at the T-Mobile Arena Box Office. When purchasing tickets, be sure to let the ticketing agent know that you require accessible seating.

Additional services: T-Mobile Arena also offers a number of additional services for guests with disabilities, including:

  • Accessible parking: There are a limited number of accessible parking spaces available in the arena’s parking garage. You can request an accessible parking space when purchasing your tickets.
  • Assistive listening devices: Assistive listening devices are available for guests who are hard of hearing. You can request an assistive listening device at the Guest Services desk.
  • Wheelchair rentals: While T-Mobile Arena does not rent wheelchairs, they do have a limited number of wheelchairs available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis. You can request a wheelchair loan at the Guest Services desk.

Enjoy Your Time at T-Mobile Arena

Navigating the seating options at the T-Mobile Arena seating chart enriches your event experience, ensuring you find the perfect spot tailored to your preferences.

From premium luxuries to family-friendly sections and everything in between, this guide equips you to make informed decisions, maximizing your enjoyment during events at this iconic venue.

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