Arrowhead Stadium Parking Ultimate Guide 2024: Kansas City Chiefs Stadium

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This blog post will provide valuable insights into Arrowhead Stadium parking, including tips, available parking lots, reservation options, and accessibility considerations. By understanding the various aspects of parking at Arrowhead Stadium, attendees can optimize their experience and make the most of their time at this legendary venue.

Overview of Parking Options at Arrowhead Stadium

When it comes to parking at Arrowhead Stadium, there are several options available to accommodate the needs of attendees.

Arrowhead stadium parking

Here is an overview of the parking lots and areas:

General Parking Lots at Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium offers multiple general parking lots that cater to the majority of visitors. These lots are conveniently located within a reasonable distance from the stadium entrance. They provide a mix of paved and unpaved parking spaces for cars, motorcycles, and RVs.

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium Preferred Parking

For those seeking a more convenient parking experience, Arrowhead Stadium offers preferred parking areas. These parking lots are situated closer to the stadium entrance, reducing the walking distance for attendees. Preferred parking typically comes at an additional cost and may require advance reservation.

Arrowhead Stadium Season Ticket Holder Parking:

Arrowhead Stadium provides designated parking areas exclusively for season ticket holders. These parking facilities are reserved for individuals who hold season tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs. Season ticket holder parking is often located in prime spots near the stadium, providing convenient access for regular attendees.

VIP Parking at Kansas City Chiefs Stadium

VIP guests and individuals with special access privileges can enjoy exclusive parking facilities at Arrowhead Stadium. These VIP parking areas are designed to offer enhanced convenience and proximity to the stadium entrance. VIP parking is typically reserved for premium ticket holders, corporate partners, and designated individuals.

Accessible Parking

Arrowhead Stadium is committed to ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities. There are designated accessible parking spaces available near the stadium entrance, providing convenient access for those with mobility challenges. These parking areas adhere to accessibility regulations and provide amenities for individuals with disabilities.

Arrowhead Stadium Parking Map

Arrowhead stadium Parking map for kansas city chiefs fans and other people attending an event at stadium.

There are total 13 parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium. Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Lot D, Lot E, Lot F, Lot G, Lot H, Lot J, Lot L, Lot M, Lot N and Lot O.

Arrowhead Stadium Parking Lot E and Lot M are platinum parking as they are closest and most expensive parking options at stadium.

Red Parking at Arrowhead stadium are at Red portions of Lots A, B, C, D, F, G, J, L, N and O as you can see in Arrowhead Stadium parking map. These are the cheapest options available. Grass parking at Arrowhead stadium is permitted in limited areas around the complex.

Arrowhead Stadium Gold Parking are available at Gold lots near the front of Lots B, C, D, F, G and all of lot H. Gold parking is expensive than Red Parking but cheaper than Platinum Parking.

How much is parking at Arrowhead Stadium?

Parking prices at Arrowhead Stadium vary depending on the type of pass and whether it is for a single game or the full season. Here are the current parking rates at Arrowhead Stadium:

Single game parking passes cost at Arrowhead Stadium:

  • Red Parking pass cost: $47
  • Bus/RV parking cost: $120

Full season parking passes cost at Arrowhead Stadium:

  • Red Parking cost for full season: $350
  • Gold Parking full season cost: $600 (Gold Parking at Arrowhead Stadium is season purchase only parking and is available in limited quantities for CommunityAmerica Club Level STM’s and Suite Members)
  • Platinum Parking cost: $750. Platinum Parking is also season purchase only and is available in limited quantities for Suite Members)
  • Bus/RV: $800 (available in limited quantities)

How to buy parking at Chiefs game?

To purchase parking for Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium visit

1- Official Arrowhead Stadium Website:

2- Parking Apps and Websites:

Remember to review the terms and conditions, cancellation policies, and any additional fees associated with parking reservations before making your booking. It’s also recommended to reserve your parking well in advance, especially for high-demand events, to ensure availability.

chiefs stadium parking

Is there Accessible Parking available at Arrowhead Stadium?

Arrowhead Stadium is committed to providing accessible parking options and services for individuals with disabilities. Here is information regarding the availability of accessible parking spaces, special accommodations, and procedures for accessing accessible parking:

Availability of Accessible Parking Spaces

Arrowhead Stadium offers designated accessible parking spaces for individuals with disabilities. These spaces are strategically located close to the stadium entrance, providing convenient access for those with mobility challenges. The stadium ensures that an adequate number of accessible parking spaces are available to accommodate the needs of attendees.

Requirements and Procedures for Accessing Accessible Parking at Arrowhead Stadium:

To access the accessible parking at Arrowhead Stadium, certain requirements and procedures must be followed:

1- Valid Disability Parking Permit

To utilize accessible parking spaces, attendees must possess a valid disability parking permit or license plate as issued by the appropriate authority. This may include a disability placard or disabled person parking permit.

2- Displaying the Permit

The disability parking permit must be visibly displayed in the vehicle while utilizing the accessible parking space. This allows parking attendants and law enforcement personnel to identify and verify the eligibility for using the designated parking area.

3- Arrival and Parking Instructions

Follow the arrival and parking instructions provided by stadium officials or signage. These instructions may include specific entrances or routes to access the accessible parking areas. It is advisable to arrive early to ensure availability of accessible parking spaces.

4- Assistance and Support

If additional assistance is required, individuals can contact the stadium in advance to inquire about specific accommodations or request further guidance. The stadium’s customer service representatives can provide information and support regarding accessible parking and related services.

parking at arrowhead stadium

Is there any free parking at Arrowhead Stadium?

No, parking at Arrowhead Stadium is not free. The stadium charges parking fees for both single game parking passes and full season parking pa

sses. The prices for parking passes vary depending on the type of pass and availability. Generally a single game parking pass starts from $47 and season parking pass starts from $350 at Arrowhead Stadium

What are the Alternative Transportation options at Arrowhead Stadium?

Arrowhead Stadium recognizes the importance of providing alternative transportation options for attendees who prefer not to drive or are looking for more convenient and environmentally friendly ways to reach the venue. Here are some alternative transportation methods available:

1- Public Transit

2- Rideshare Services

Rideshare services, such as zTrip, Uber and Lyft, are popular transportation options in the Kansas City area. These services provide on-demand transportation, allowing attendees to easily request a ride to and from Arrowhead Stadium using their mobile devices.

Rideshare pickup and drop-off is available at Missouri Welcome Center located between Gates 1 and 2 on Blue Ridge Cutoff.

3- Shuttle Services to Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium and nearby establishments may offer shuttle services on event days. These shuttles provide convenient transportation to and from the stadium, eliminating the need for attendees to find parking or navigate through traffic. Shuttle services may have specific pick-up locations, schedules, and fees, so it’s advisable to check the official stadium website or contact the stadium authorities for more information.

4- Biking

For those who prefer an active and eco-friendly transportation option, biking to Arrowhead Stadium is a possibility. The stadium offers bike parking racks where attendees can securely lock their bikes during the event. It’s important to note that biking to the stadium may require planning for a safe route and adhering to local traffic laws.

kansas city chiefs stadium parking


In this blog post, we have explored various aspects of parking at Arrowhead Stadium to help you have a hassle-free experience when attending events.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it is highly encouraged to plan your parking in advance. Reserve your Arrowhead Stadium parking spot online or consider alternative transportation options when appropriate. By preparing ahead of time, you can maximize your time at Arrowhead Stadium and focus on enjoying the event.

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