Gillette Stadium Parking Guide 2024: Parking Pass, Lots, Price and Tips

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Are you heading to a game at Gillette Stadium and wondering where to park your vehicle? Gillette Stadium parking lot situation can be overwhelming and getting lost in the maze of lots can leave you stressed out before you even step into the stadium.

Gillette Stadium is home to the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and UMass Minutemen football teams, making it an incredibly popular destination for fans of sports. With its capacity of 65,878 people, it accommodates plenty of cars and has several parking facilities available.

Gillette Stadium Parking Map for Patriots Game

gillette stadium parking map
pc- Gillette Stadium

Where is the best place to park at Gillette Stadium?

The best place to park at Gillette Stadium is either in one of the stadium’s garages, or at an off-site parking lot. Both have their advantages; Stadium Parking Garages offer convenience, while off-site lots tend to be cheaper. It really depends on how far you’re willing to walk and how much you’re willing to spend. Once you’ve made your decision and paid for a space, follow the directions given by the attendant. Make sure to leave plenty of time for traffic and long lines entering the stadium parking lot. If you show up late, you may not find a spot because they can fill up fast!

Where do you park at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots game?

Parking at Gillette Stadium is available in the Kraft Family Parking Lot and East Side Garage, located within walking distance of the stadium. Fans can also choose to park in one of the satellite parking lots that offer shuttle service to the stadium. Most of these satellite lots are local business parking lots or free public parking spots. All reserved and non-reserved tailgating passes must be purchased online prior to game day. Handicapped parking is available on a first come, first served basis from all lots. Use platinum 1 & 2 entrances for the quickest route to reserved handicapped parking as close as possible to the stadium.

What time do parking lots open prior to a game?

Parking lots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts open up four (4) hours prior to game time for regular-season games. On event days where larger crowds are expected due to a special event or post-season game, the parking lots will typically open up five (5) hours before game time. All vehicles must vacate the lots two (2) hours after the end of the event or they may be towed. The stadium also offers parking passes that allow fans access to specific reserved advantage tailgate areas as well as tickets with designated parking spots near the entrance/exit gates.

Gillette Stadium Parking LOT OPEN TIMES: 4 Hours Prior to Kickoff

Gillette Stadium Parking LOT CLOSE TIMES: 2 Hours post-game for day games
Immediately after game concludes for night games

Is there a fee for parking at Gillette Stadium?

Yes, there is a fee for parking at Gillette Stadium. The cost of parking in a lot depends on which lot you choose and how far in advance you purchase your parking pass. Generally, the price ranges from $25-65 depending on the lot and to reserve a space you will have to book in advance or pay at the gate when you arrive. Some lots are free on game day, but these spots fill up quickly so it’s best to pay for a reserved spot. In addition, there is also an Uber drop off area located near the stadium at no cost.

Where are the closest parking spots to the Gillette stadium located?

The closest parking spots to the Gillette Stadium are located in the NRG Plaza and Patriot Place parking garages. The Patriot Place garage is open for events 7 hours prior to kickoff and ready for exit 90 minutes after the game ends. The NRG Plaza garage is also open 7 hours prior to kick off and offers an even more convenient location with less walking distance from the stadium. Both garages offer tailgating sections and feature handicap accessible spaces. There are also multiple lots within a 10-minute drive of the stadium, with prices ranging from $20-$60 depending on the event taking place at the stadium.

parking at gillette stadium

Are there disabled parking spots available at Gillette Stadium?

Yes, there are disabled parking spots available at Gillette Stadium. Disabled parking is located in the ADA lot, which can be accessed off Route 1 Southbound. The lots will open three hours before the event and require a valid handicapped placard or license plate to park in the lot. There will also be shuttle buses running from this lot to take fans closer to the stadium. Parking is free of charge for those with disabilities.

Can tailgating be done in the parking lots of Gillette Stadium?

Yes, tailgating is allowed in the parking lots of Gillette Stadium. However, there are restrictions on the size and duration of tailgates that must be followed. Tailgaters are required to stay within marked areas for their vehicles and equipment, and can only stay for up to three hours before the game starts. Also, charcoal grills and open-flame fires are not permitted. Failure to comply with these restrictions can result in a fine or other disciplinary action by stadium security personnel.

How much does it cost to park at Gillette Stadium?

Parking at Gillette Stadium costs $25 per car or motorcycle, although this cost varies depending on the event. RV parking is available in certain lots and costs between $50 and $150, while oversized vehicles (trucks and vans) typically pay up to $50 each. Handicap-accessible parking is also available and ranges from free to $50 depending on the event. Additionally, a shuttle service is offered for select events that allows you to park at Patriot Place for free.

PRICING (reserved in advance):
Delayed Exit Lot: FREE
Stadium Side: $80

PRICING (pay on arrival):
General P10/11: $50 regular season
Buses, Limos, RVs, Sprinter/Econoline vans: $150
ADA with Placard: $50 regular season

Is there a designated lot for disabled parking at Gillette Stadium?

Yes, Gillette Stadium has a designated disabled parking lot located outside of the NRG Gate on the east side of the stadium. This lot is reserved strictly for people with valid disability permits who have pre-purchased disabled parking passes online or on site. Disabled parking spots are limited and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All occupants of vehicles requiring disabled access must also possess a valid ticket to gain entry into Gillette Stadium.

Are electric car charging stations available at Gillette Stadium?

Yes, electric car charging stations are available at Gillette Stadium. There is a Tesla Supercharger station located near the stadium with eight high-powered Model X and S charge points and one waiting queue. Additionally, there are six universal charging units, which can be used for any make and model of electric vehicle. The 6 charging spots feature level 1 and level 2 power options that offer a variety of speeds for faster or slower charges. The station includes both DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) and Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

Are there any restrictions on tailgating activities in the Gillette stadium parking lots?

Yes, there are restrictions on tailgating activities in the Gillette Stadium parking lots. Tailgating activities must be contained to a designated area that is within the immediate vicinity of your vehicle. Gillette Stadium Parking spaces cannot be blocked and no liquors or drinks may leave the designated tailgate area. All tents, grills and other shelters must follow fire safety regulations. Also, glass containers are prohibited in all parking lots. Furthermore, amplified sound systems including space-amplifying horns are not allowed at any time before or after the event.

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