Parking at Highmark Stadium: Best Parking lot at Buffalo Bills Game 2024

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Are you ready to root for the Buffalo Bills this season and looking for parking at Highmark Stadium? Here we are. Before you head to the game, make sure you’re prepared for the changes in parking at Highmark Stadium and traffic regulations.

As fans, we all want to get to the Buffalo Bills game on time and ready to cheer on our team. However, navigating the busy game day traffic and finding parking can often become a hassle.

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on Parking at Highmark Stadium to help you get to the Buffalo Bills game safely and efficiently.

Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium Parking Information

On game days, some roads would be closed to ensure the safety of all fans. To avoid heavy traffic, we recommend taking alternative routes or using public transportation if possible.

Where can I park for a Buffalo Bills game?

There are several parking options available at Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium where you can park your vehicle. On Buffalo Bills’ gameday, Parking at the stadium can be limited, so it’s important to plan ahead and arrive early. 

Highmark stadium has several designated parking lots.

  • Lot 1, Lot2, Lot 3, Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, Lot 7
  • M & T Bank Lot
  • Bus and Limo Lot
  • Tailgate Lot
  • Camper Lot

All parking lots for the Buffalo Bills usually do not accept cash for transactions.  They only accept credit cards for the transaction. So keep this on your mind.  

Highmark Stadium Parking Map

bufffalo bills parking at highmark stadium
Bufaalo Bills Parking at Highmark Stadium

How much is parking at Buffalo Bills games?

The cost for parking at Buffalo Bills Highmark stadium is as follows:

Vehicle Parking Price
Non-Tailgating Bus$150
Limo (capacity of 11 persons or fewer)$150
Tailgating Bus$350
Camper Lot $800

Bus & Limo Parking at Buffalo Bills Stadium

For fans traveling by bus or limo, the Buffalo Bills Stadium offers a safe and fun tailgating atmosphere in Tailgate Village within the Bus & Limo Lot. Tailgating is only permitted in Tailgate Village or for limousines with a capacity of 11 persons or fewer.

Camper Lot at Buffalo Bills Stadium

For fans traveling in a camper, the Colton RV Camper Lot Parking at Buffalo Bills Stadium is there subject to availability. Camper Lot hours and information are as follows:

  • Vehicles must enter the Camper Lot from Camper Drive off of Abbott Road across from the stadium, beginning at 8:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM one day prior to scheduled events.
  • Camper Lot opens 4 hours prior to kickoff on game days.
  • No campers or other vehicles will be permitted in any other parking areas and/or driveways outside of these published hours.
  • Vehicles that arrive during closed hours will not be admitted inside the parking lots

Kindly follow the instructions strictly as there is a lot of rush on game day.

Buffalo Bills Stadium ADA Parking

ADA Parking is available at Buffalo Bills Stadium.Lot 2 which is near gate 2 and gate 3 is reserved for differently abled people.  Lot 6 at Buffalo Bills Stadium which is near to gate 5 and gate 6 is ADA parking lot at Highmark Stadium.

Tailgate village at Buffalo Bills Stadium

Tailgate Village at Buffalo Bills Stadium is a special parking lot located within the bus lot and camper lot. It offers a premier tailgating experience for bus passengers and Fans. Tailgating in the Bus & Limo Lot is only permitted for limousines with a capacity of 11 persons or fewer OR within Tailgate Village.

Each tailgating bus passenger is granted a designated spot within Tailgate Village, along with access wristbands for each member of their group. A concierge service is given to assist with unloading tailgate supplies from the bus to their assigned location. Bills fans and fellow bus passengers can enjoy a live DJ.

Keep in mind that tailgating at Buffalo Bills Stadium must be purchased in advance. Tailgating  is allowed only for advance permit holders and those with no advance purchase permit will not be allowed.

Parking hours and information are as follows:

Below are the parking hours and some important information about the Buffalo Bills Stadium.

  • All Highmark Stadium parking lots open 4 hours before kickoff and close after traffic clears approximately 2 hours after the game.
  • All Parking lots at Buffalo Bills Stadium are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Vehicles that do not park in a designated striped parking space or that do not follow the instructions of Parking Team Members are subject to being ticketed and/or being towed.
  • No paneled or windowless vans or trucks, or vehicles with trailers will be permitted in any Bills Parking Lot.
  • No reserving of spaces is allowed and guests will not be allowed to purchase additional spaces.
  • There is no overnight parking allowed for vehicles except for campers in approved lots.

Tips for parking at Highmark Stadium

If you are looking for hassle free and some cheaper option, You can also consider parking at the different house lawns near the stadium. Many houses near the stadium offers parking at their lawn at a cheaper rate usually $25-$30.

These houses are not very far from the Highmark stadium. Parking outside will save you from the traffic after the game instead of getting stuck in a jam. So, Choose yourself and enjoy your day.

FAQs – Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium Parking

Is there any off-site parking available near Highmark Stadium?

Yes, there are many off-site parking available near the Highmark Stadium. Many houses offers lawns and parking garages at the minimal prices. The cost of parking is around $25-$30.

Can I park overnight at Highmark Stadium?

Overnight Parking at Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium is not allowed. Parking lots opens 4 hour before the game and closes 2 hours after the game finishes off.

Can I tailgate in the parking lot at Highmark Stadium?

Yes, you can tailgate in the designated parking areas at Highmark Stadium. There is a taigate village available in bus and limo lot and camper lot.

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