Empower Field at Mile High Parking 2024: Denver Broncos Stadium

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If you’re planning to attend a Broncos game or any other event at the Empower Field stadium, it’s important to know the ins and outs of Empower Field at Mile High parking.

In this article, we’ll provide you with comprehensive Empower Field at Mile High parking details to ensure a seamless experience. From parking options to rates and accessibility, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

Empower Field at Mile High Parking Details

Located in the heart of Denver, Empower Field at Mile High offers several parking options to cater to the needs of visitors. Whether you prefer onsite parking or nearby alternatives, you’ll find the ideal parking spot for your vehicle.

Empower Field at Mile High Onsite Parking

When it comes to onsite parking at Empower Field at Mile High stadium, there are multiple parking lots available for fans. Here are the main lots and their respective details:

  1. Lot A: This lot is located south east of the stadium in front of gate 9 and offers convenient access for ticket holders. It’s suitable for those who prioritize proximity and quick entry into the venue. It is also a carpool lot.
  2. Lot B: Situated south of the stadium, Lot B provides parking spaces for both standard vehicles and oversized vehicles, such as RVs. It’s a great option if you’re traveling in a larger group or require extra space.
  3. Lot C: Located to the west of the stadium, Lot C is early tailgating lot.

Apart from these, there are other parking lots like Lot D, Lot E, Lot F, Lot G, Lot H, Lot I, Lot J, Lot L, Lot M, Lot R, Lot S, Lot T, Lot V, Lot Y, Lot PPA and Lot UC. These parking lots include VIP Parking, Accessible Parking and Scooter Zones. Rides Pickup Share is located near parking lot M at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.

Offsite Parking near Empower Field at Mile High Stadium

There are several offsite parking sites and options available near Empower Field at Mile High Stadium. They offer a range of choices for visitors attending events at Empower Field. Some of these Offsite parking are-

  • Ball Arena (formerly known as Pepsi Center)
  • Auraria Campus
  • Denver Aquarium
  • Riverside Church (2401 Alcott Street, Denver, CO 80211)

These offsite parking facilities typically open to the public approximately 4 hours before kickoff and offer parking spaces at prices ranging from $15 to $30. By utilizing these offsite parking options, fans can ensure a hassle-free experience when attending events at Empower Field.

Empower Field at Mile High Parking Map

empower field parking map
pc- Empower Field at Mile High Stadium

Empower Field Offsite Parking Map

empower field at mile high offsite parking map

Is there accessible parking available at Empower Field at Mile High for fans with disabilities?

Yes, there is accessible parking available at Empower Field for fans with disabilities. Empower Field provides designated accessible parking areas for individuals with disabilities. Empower Field at Mile High parking spaces are located close to the stadium entrances in Lot D, Lot G and Lot L, providing easier access for those with mobility challenges. To park in these designated accessible parking areas, a valid disabled parking permit or license plate is typically required.

Empower Field at Mile High Stadium Parking Price

Parking rates at Empower Field depend on the specific lot or alternative you choose. Here’s an overview of the approximate rates you can expect:

  • Lot A: $30 per vehicle
  • Lot B: $25-$35 per vehicle
  • Lot C: $40 per vehicle
  • VIP Parking: $50-$75 per vehicle
  • Public Parking Garages: $15-$25 per vehicle
  • Street Parking: Rates may vary or require payment through parking meters
  • Ridesharing: Pricing varies based on distance and demand

It’s important to note that these rates are subject to change, especially during special events or playoffs.

Are there any free parking options near Empower Field for Denver Broncos fans?

While there are limited free parking options near Empower Field for Denver Broncos fans, they can be quite scarce. Empower Field at Mile High stadium is located in a densely populated area, and most of the nearby parking spaces are privately owned and charge a fee on game days. However, it’s worth noting that some street parking may be available in the surrounding neighborhoods, but it can be challenging to find and may have time restrictions or limited availability.

Are there any designated parking areas for season ticket holders at Empower Field at Mile High?

Yes, most of the on-site parking spaces are reserved for season ticket holders at Empower Field at Mile High stadium. Season ticket holders typically have the option to purchase parking passes in advance, which grant them access to exclusive parking lots or preferred parking areas close to the stadium.

These designated parking areas provide convenience and proximity for season ticket holders, allowing them easier access to the stadium on game days.

empower field parking lots

Are tailgating allowed in the Empower Field parking lots for Denver Broncos games?

Yes, tailgating activities are generally allowed in the parking lots at Empower Field at mile High for Denver Broncos games. Tailgating has been a popular tradition among Denver Broncos fans, and the stadium management typically permits fans to enjoy pre-game festivities in the parking lots. Lot C is one of the popular tailgating Empower Field parking lot.

However, it is important to note that there may be specific rules and regulations in place regarding tailgating activities. These rules are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Some common guidelines for tailgating include:

  1. Tailgating is usually allowed only in designated parking areas.
  2. Open flames, grills, and cooking equipment should be used safely and kept a safe distance from vehicles and other objects.
  3. Alcohol consumption is typically allowed for those of legal drinking age, but public intoxication and excessive consumption may be prohibited.
  4. Trash and waste should be disposed of properly in designated receptacles.
  5. Respect for other fans, property, and the stadium rules and regulations is expected.

By adhering to the specific tailgating guidelines, you can enjoy a fun and memorable tailgating experience before Denver Broncos games at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.

What time do the parking lots open at Empower Field at Mile High?

Empower Field parking lots typically open 4 hours before a game kickoffs. Apart from Lot C, all other lots get opened 4 hours before a game. As Lot C is an early tailgating parking lot at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium, It gets opened approx 6 hours before the game kickoffs. For example, for a 2:05 pm & 2:25 PM kick offs, Lot C opens at 8am, for 6:15pm & 6:20pm kickoffs, it gets open at 12pm and for 7pm preseason games, Lot C opens at 1pm.

Alternative transportation options to consider at Denver Broncos Stadium

There are alternative transportation options to consider instead of driving and parking at Denver Broncos Stadium. Here are a few options to explore:

  1. Public Transit: Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) offers light rail and bus services that provide convenient transportation to Empower Field. The nearby Sports Authority Field at Mile High Station is served by multiple light rail lines and bus routes, making it easy to reach the stadium without the need for parking.
  2. Ride-Sharing Services: Services like Uber and Lyft are popular options for getting to and from Empower Field at Mile High Stadium. You can arrange for a ride with these services, which drop off and pick up passengers near the stadium. This option eliminates the need for parking and allows for convenient door-to-door transportation.
  3. Bicycle or Scooter Sharing: Denver has a bike-sharing program and scooter-sharing services available. If you’re located within a reasonable distance, you can consider using these services to travel to Denver Broncos Stadium. There are dedicated bike lanes and scooter parking areas near the stadium for convenience.
  4. Carpooling: Carpooling with friends, family, or fellow fans is another option to reduce the number of vehicles traveling to the stadium. Coordinate with others attending the game and share rides to minimize parking needs and save on transportation costs.
  5. Walking: If you reside within walking distance of Empower Field at Mile High, walking to the stadium can be a convenient and eco-friendly option. It allows you to bypass parking altogether and enjoy a pleasant stroll to the game.

Considering these alternative transportation options can help you avoid parking challenges, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance your overall game-day experience at Empower Field at Mile High.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are there any designated drop-off and pick-up points for ridesharing services?

A: Yes, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have designated drop-off and pick-up points near the stadium. These areas are clearly marked, making it convenient for passengers.

Q: Can I leave my vehicle overnight in the parking lots at Empower Field?

A: Overnight parking is not permitted in the parking lots at Empower Field. The lots are intended for event parking only, and vehicles left overnight may be subject to towing.

Final Words

Now that you have all the essential Empower Field parking details, you can plan your visit to the Denver Broncos Stadium with confidence. Remember to consider your parking preferences, explore onsite and nearby alternatives, and familiarize yourself with accessibility options.

By arriving early and being prepared, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience at Empower Field. Get ready to cheer on the Broncos and soak in the thrilling atmosphere of this iconic stadium!

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