Enterprise Center Parking Guide: Map, Tips & Deals | St. Louis Blues Parking

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Welcome to the Enterprise Center Parking Guide, your one-stop resource for all things related to parking when attending events at the Enterprise Center.

If you’re planning to catch NHL’s St. Louis Blues match, thrilling concert, or any other exciting event, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with Enterprise Center parking map, valuable insights, and tips to ensure that your parking experience is as smooth as possible.

Enterprise Center Parking Map | St. Louis Blues Parking Map

enterprise center parking map

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Enterprise Center Location and How to reach?

Enterprise Center is located at 1401 Clark Avenue in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. It is easily accessible by car, bus, or light rail.

By car:

  • Take I-64/U.S. 40 to the Chestnut at 20th Street exit. Follow the exit to Chestnut Street to parking facilities on the left.
  • From Chestnut, turn right at 18th Street and proceed to parking, or from 18th turn left at Clark Avenue and left on 16th Street to reach the garage attached to Enterprise Center.

By bus:

  • MetroLink light rail stops at the Civic Center station, which is just a few blocks from Enterprise Center.
  • Metro bus also stops at the Civic Center station, as well as at several other locations in downtown St. Louis.
enterprise center location

Where to Park at Enterprise Center?

There are several parking options where you can park at Enterprise Center.

On-site Enterprise center parking garages: There are two parking garages located directly adjacent to Enterprise Center: the Kiel Center Garage and the Clark Avenue Garage.

Off-site parking lots:There are several parking garages and lots located within walking distance of Enterprise Center, including Cardinal Lot, Shoe Lot, Stadium West Garage and City Museum Lot.

Street parking: Metered parking is available on many streets surrounding Enterprise Center.

enterprise center parking lot

How much is parking at enterprise center?

Parking at Enterprise Center parking garage is around $25 for event parking. This rate is valid for up to four hours, and there is an additional charge of $5 for each additional hour.

In addition to parking garages, there are also metered and street parking options near Enterprise Center. Street metered parking costs $2 per hour, with a 2-hour maximum. Valet parking is also available for $40.

Is Accessible Parking available at Enterprise Center?

Yes, accessible parking is available at Enterprise Center. There are 24 designated accessible parking spaces in the Kiel Garage, which is attached to the arena. These spaces are located throughout the facility on all levels next to the elevators. Spaces featuring accessibility for oversized vans are available on the first level of the garage.

To park in an accessible space, you will need to display a valid disability parking permit or license plate. You can also purchase a temporary accessible parking pass at the Enterprise Center Guest Service Center.

Accessible parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reserved accessible parking spaces.

If all of the accessible parking spaces are full, you may be able to park in a regular parking space and request a complimentary wheelchair lift from the Guest Services Center.

For more information about accessible parking at Enterprise Center, please visit the Enterprise Center website: https://www.enterprisecenter.com/guest-services/accessibility. You can also call the Enterprise Center Accessibility Hotline at 314-622-5420.

Are there any alternative transportation options to the Enterprise Center?

Yes, there are several alternative transportation options to get to the Enterprise Center in St. Louis. Here are a few options:

  1. MetroLink: MetroLink is the light rail system in St. Louis. It is a convenient and affordable way to get to Enterprise Center from many parts of the city. The Civic Center Station is the closest station to Enterprise Center, and it is just a short walk from the arena. A one-way fare is $2.50. If you are coming from the airport, you can take the MetroLink from Lambert International Airport to the Civic Center Station. The fare is $3.
  2. Bus: MetroBus system also provides service to Enterprise Center. The closest bus stop is at Market Street and 16th Street, which is about a 2-minute walk from the arena.
  3. Taxi: Taxis are available in St. Louis, but they can be expensive. A taxi from downtown St. Louis to Enterprise Center typically costs around $15.
  4. Ride-hailing: There are several ride-hailing services available in St. Louis, such as Uber and Lyft. The fare will vary depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.
  5. Biking: The Enterprise Center is located on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile paved trail that runs through St. Louis and the surrounding area. You can bring your own bike or rent one from one of the many bike shops in the city.
  6. Walking: If you are staying downtown, Enterprise Center is within walking distance. The walk from the Arch is about 10 minutes, and the walk from Busch Stadium is about 15 minutes.

Best transportation option for you will depend on your personal preferences and the time of day you are traveling. If you are going to an event during rush hour, MetroLink may be the best option to avoid traffic. If you are traveling with a group of people, ride-hailing may be a more convenient option. And if you are looking for a scenic way to get to the enterprise center arena, biking or walking along the Katy Trail is a great option.

parking near enterprise center

Can you purchase a monthly parking pass for the Enterprise Center Arena?

No, you cannot purchase a monthly parking pass for Enterprise Center. The Enterprise Center does not offer monthly parking passes. However, you can purchase event parking passes for specific events. You can also purchase parking passes for garages and lots near Enterprise Center.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations in the Enterprise Center parking lot?

There are currently no electric vehicle charging stations in the Enterprise Center parking lot. However, there are several public charging stations located within a short distance of the arena. These stations are operated by ChargePoint, EVgo, and Blink Charging. You can find a map of these stations on the ChargeHub website: https://www.chargehub.com/.

Is valet parking available at the Enterprise Center?

Yes, valet parking is available at Enterprise Center. The valet entrance is located on Clark Avenue, just south of 14th Street. The cost is $25 for events and $20 for concerts. You can also pre-pay for valet parking online or through the ParkMobile app.

Can you exit and re-enter the parking lot during an event at Enterprise Center?

Yes, you can exit and re-enter the parking lot during an event at Enterprise Center, but you will need to go through all the venue entry procedures again, including walking through metal detectors, bag checks, and ticket scanning. This is to ensure the safety of all guests.

However, there are a few exceptions to this policy. For example, guests with disabilities are allowed to exit and re-enter the parking lot without going through the security screening if they have a valid disability parking placard or license plate. Additionally, guests who need to leave the event for medical reasons are also allowed to exit and re-enter without going through security.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for Enterprise Center parking?

Yes, there are a few discounts and promotions available for Enterprise Center parking.

  • SpotHero: You can get up to 30% off parking at Enterprise Center by booking through SpotHero.com.
  • Rightway Parking: Rightway Parking offers a coupon code for $4 off parking at Enterprise Center. The code is ENTERPRISE4.
  • Veterans: Active and retired military personnel can get a free parking pass for up to four events per year. To get a pass, you must present a valid military ID at the Enterprise Center box office.
  • AAA Members: AAA members can get a discount on parking at Enterprise Center. The discount varies depending on the garage, but it is typically around $5.
  • Group Tickets: If you are buying tickets for a group of 10 or more people, you can get a discount on parking. The discount varies depending on the garage, but it is typically around $2 per car.

Final Words

Enterprise Center Parking Guide is your key to a hassle-free parking experience when attending events at this iconic venue.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular attendee, following these tips and guidelines will ensure that you arrive at your event relaxed and ready to enjoy the show.

Say goodbye to parking woes and focus on creating unforgettable memories at the Enterprise Center.

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