Inside Look at the Kyle Field Seating Chart: Get the Best Seat in the House

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If you are going to attend a football game in Kyle Field (The home of the 12th man), the Kyle Field Seating Chart can help you find your specific seat, row and section easily. In this particular article, you will find a brief overview of Kyle field seating map, the seating capacity of the ground, student section, visitors section etc.

Kyle Field Stadium – Texas A&M University

Kyle Field stadium is one of the fifth largest American football stadiums located on the campus of Texas A&M University. The stadium is home to the Texas A&M Aggies football team. Kyle Field was opened in 1927 and renovated several times since then.

Kyle Field is a huge stadium with a capacity of over 1,00,000. The highest attendance at the Kyle Field football stadium was 1,10,633 in the 11 October 2014 Texas A&M and Ole Miss Rebels game. The stadium provides a mesmerizing atmosphere for every football fan.

Kyle Field StadiumDetails
Name of the stadiumKyle Field
OpenedSeptember 24, 1927
Seating capacity102,733
Home TeamTexas A&M Aggies football
Address161 Wellborn Rd, College Station, TX 77840

As a football fan, what could be better to watch your favorite team play in Kyle Field Stadium? And if you are going to watch a game, you must require a Kyle Field seating chart to find your seat inside the stadium. Don’t worry, Here I am to help you. 

Kyle Field Seat Chart

Kyle Field is a huge stadium. The best way to find your seat inside the stadium is to go through Kyle Field Seat Chart. Below I have provided you with the seating chart of Kyle field football stadium with all the details mentioned on it. 

These seating charts are taken from different websites just to provide authentic information and no intention of copyright infringement.

kyle field seating chart
Kyle Field Seating Chart

Kyle Field seating capacity 2022

Kyle field has a seating capacity of 1,02,733. It is the fourth-largest stadium in the United States. When opened in 1929 the seating capacity of Kyle Field was 32000. Since then renovation has been done several times in 1967, 1974, 1980, 1999, 2003 and 2015. Now it can accommodate over 1,00,000 visitors at a time.

The highest attendance at the Kyle Field football stadium was 1,10,633 in the 11 October 2014 Texas A&M and Ole Miss Rebels game.

Exploring the Different Seating Options at Kyle Field Stadium

Kyle Field Football stadium is divided into different sections and levels. Each section or level has its own experience to watch the game. Let’s go through the Kyle Field interactive seating chart and sections with brief details.

kyle field seating map
Kyle Field seating map

Texas A&M & Visitor Sidelines

Texas A&M and Visitor sidelines are the places where players sit. You will find the Texas A&M sideline in front of section field box 6, field box 7 and field box 8. 

The visitors’ sideline at Kyle Field is in front of sections 125 and 126. 

From this, you can have an idea that if you want to see your favorite player in Kyle Field Football stadium closely, you can book your seat in sections 125 and 126, field boxes 6,7 and 8. Sections 125 and 126 have 35 rows each while Field Boxes have 20 rows. 

Texas A&M Loge Boxes Seating

In Kyle Field Football Stadium, Loge Boxes are private boxes with comfortable sitting and other facilities. People looking for some private space can book a seat on Loge Boxes. 

There are three Loge sections in Kyle Field- 

  1. Northwest Loge
  2. Southwest Loge
  3. Northeast Loge

Loge Boxes have chair-back seats which can accommodate 4-6 people. You will get the facilities like a television, and a private bar area to purchase food and drinks. It is a great experience to watch a game through Loge Boxes as the view has proper elevation and is close to the field.

Visitor Section

Section 130 and Section 131 of A&M Texas stadium are usually available for visiting teams. Section 130 has 38 rows while section 131 has 41 rows in it.

West Club Seating at Kyle Field

West club seating in Kyle Field is a luxury lounge with facilities like private elevators and escalators, premium concessions, and a full-service bar. It also has access to the Hall of Champions. It is also known as All American Club and denoted as AC1 to AC12 in the Kyle Field seating chart.

West Legacy Club Seating

Legacy club seats are the best seats in Kyle Field Football Stadium. From this section, you can enjoy a side-to-side view of the ground comfortably. Legacy Club seating is denoted From LC5-LC8 in the Texas A&M seating chart.

People sitting in Legacy clubs are treated with a premium experience like access to the Hall of Champions, private elevators, and a full-service bar. Seats are 21 inches wide with a cup-holder and padded chair back seating. 

Zone Club Seating

Zone club seating at Kyle field is located behind the North end-zone. Zone clubs are covered seating areas with armchair seats. This section is denoted by Z1-Z16 in the Kyle Field seating map. Each section has 11 rows in it.

People sitting in the zone club will get access to the zone club lounge which has the facilities like a full-service bar, multiple concession areas, and numerous TV monitors. 

100 level seating

100-level seating at Kyle Field is the lower seating tier which is divided into a 100-level end zone, 100-level sideline, and 100-level corner seating. These seating sections are closest to the field. 

The North end zone has 39 rows in it with chair-back seats. The scoreboard is just in front of the North End zone as you can see in the Kyle Field seating chart. South End Zone has 41 rows with bleacher-style bench seats.

Talking about the sideline seating of the Kyle Field, It is the student section and most of the east sideline seats are reserved for Texas A&M students and have bleacher-style bench seats with 35 rows as shown in Kyle Field Seating Chart.

100-level corner seating has chair-back seats in sections 115 and 119 and lower rows in sections 114 and 120. All seats in sections 129, 128 and 134 are bench-style bleacher seats.

200 level seating

The second tier of the East Sideline, South End Zone and South Corner are 200-level seating of Kyle Field. Most of the seats in east sideline sections i.e. sections 230-238 are reserved for Texas A&M students (Student Section). All sections have 38 rows in each. Corner Seating have 14 rows each while end zone sections i.e. sections 242-245 have 12 rows in each.

300 level seating

300-level seating at Kyle field comes with different numbers of rows and views. East sideline sections have 37 rows while 300-level west sideline sections have 8 -10 rows. Sideline sections have an end-to-end view of the ground.

South End zone section of the 300 level i.e sections 341-350 is one of the largest sections of Kyle field with 45 rows in each while the north end zone is quite smaller with 14 rows in each section. The north end zone has an excellent view of the Scoreboard as it is just in front of the sections as shown in Kyle Field seating chart.

400 level seating 

400 level is the highest level of seating in Kyle Field. Seats are not covered in these sections but have a great view of the ground and scoreboard. All 400 level sections at Kyle Field Stadium i.e. sections 409 -421 have 38 rows.

Kyle field seating chart with seat numbers and row numbers

Kyle Field seats are numbered in a similar pattern where the seat with the lowest number is always on the right side of the section when facing the ground. For example, seat number 1 of section 125 will be on your far right if you are facing the ground and next to the highest-numbered seat of section 124. All the seats follow a similar pattern.

Most of the seats at Kyle Field are bleacher-style bench seats which have no chair back but the stadium also has chair back seats.

Below I have given the Texas A&M football seating chart with the number of rows. Go through the chart before booking your seat in Kyle Field. 


Texas A&M Seating -FAQs

Where should I sit at Kyle Field?

The best seat at Kyle Field Stadium would be one which has a perfect view, comfortable seat and good elevation from the ground. The club seats are best but if you are looking for a budget-friendly you can opt for 100-level seating row 10 or above for good elevation and view.

Does Kyle Field have seats or benches?

Kyle field has both chair-back seats and bleacher-style bench seats. All club seats are chair back seats while most of the student section seats are bench-style as you can see in Kyle Field Seating chart above.

How are the seats numbered at Kyle Field?

Kyle Field seats are numbered in a similar pattern where the seat with the lowest number is always on the right side of the section when facing the ground. For example, seat number 1 of section 125 will be on your far right if you are facing the ground and on the next to the highest numbered seat of section 124. All the seats follow a similar pattern.

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