Sanford Stadium Seating Chart 2024: All the Details You Need to Know

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Visiting Sanford stadium for the next game, the Sanford Stadium seating chart is the perfect way to find your seat in the stadium. It will give you an overview of seats in the stadium, different sections, the number of rows, gates, etc.

So, if you don’t want to waste your time searching for your seat and section inside the stadium, go through this Sanford Stadium Seating chart and enjoy the game.

Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia- Athens

Sanford Stadium is an American football stadium located on the campus of the University of Georgia, Athens. Its full name is Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium. It is home ground of the Georgia Bulldogs Football and is the 9th largest football stadium in the United States. 

This stadium is named after Dr Steadman Vincent Sanford, the major man behind UGC athletics. The stadium was opened in 1929 and since then has been renovated many times, last in 2018.

Sanford Stadium

Sanford StadiumDetails
Name of the stadiumSanford Stadium, Athens
Seating Capacity92,746
Home TeamGeorgia Bulldogs Football

Sanford Stadium seating capacity

Sanford stadium’s seating capacity is 92,746. Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium is the 9th largest stadium in the United States. When Sanford Stadium was opened the seating capacity was 30,000. Since then, the stadium went through major expansion and renovations. The stadium also has 50 luxury suites and 27 sky suites.

Sanford stadium seating chart and map | Dooley Field seating chart

Sanford stadium seating chart and map can help you to navigate through the stadium and find your seat easily. Below I have provided a Dooley Field Seating chart (Dooley Field Seating Chart) which has everything you would be required to.

Please note that these Sanford Stadium seating charts are taken from their official website with no intention of copyright infringement. These are just to provide information.

Sanford Stadium Seating Chart

Sanford stadium interactive seating chart with rows and details

Sanford Stadium has different seating sections. Some sections have chair-back seats and some have benches. Each section has its own experience to watch the game.

Sanford Stadium Interactive Seating Chart

Below are the different seating sections of the Sanford Stadium in detail.

Club Seating at Sanford Stadium

Club seating at Sanford stadium is divided into- 

  • East Lower Club Seating 
  • East Upper Club Seating
  • North and South Club Seating

SkyClub Suites at Sanford Stadium

Sky suites at Sanford stadium offer premium chairback seats with a sideline view. The sky club suite seats are located in sections 328-334 and selected seats in sections 327-335. 

Fans using suites will get access to an indoor club having premium facilities like televisions, private restrooms, upscale food etc.

In sky club suite, Seats are covered so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

The student section at Sanford Stadium

Section 138-143 at the west endzone, sections 109-114 and section 308-313 are the student section at Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium as shown in Sanford Stadium seating chart. 

Visitor section at Sanford Stadium

There are some seats which are for visitor fans designated in Sanford Stadium. Many seats in the 600 level are for visitors. Sections 601, 602, 603, and 611, Half of the seats in sections 604-610, and Half of the seats in sections 101, 102, and 103 are designated visitor sections in Sanford Stadium.

So If you are supporting visitor team and finding seats in Sanford stadium seating chart, You can choose a seat from this section.

100-level section at Sanford Stadium

The 100-level section is the lowest level in Sanford Stadium. This level has club seating with premium facilities.

100 level is divided into east lower club seating (Section 114-124), lower level corner seating (Section 112-116, section 122-126, Sections 101, 102 and 144, section 136-138), lower level endzone seating (Section 117-121 and Section 139-143), lower level sideline seating (Section 103-111 and Section 127-135). 

200-level section at Sanford Stadium

The 200-level section is the club level with premium chairback seats in Sanford Stadium. 200 level includes East upper club seating (Section 214-224), North and South club sidelines seating (Section 201-213 and Section 225-237). 

North and south club sideline seating, seats are covered with shade and provide the best view. 

300-level section at Sanford Stadium

300-level seating at Sanford Stadium consists of 300-level endzone seating and 300-level sideline seating.

The end zone seating is from section 317 to section 321 as you can see in sanford stadium seating chart. I would not recommend you choose a seat from this section as the seats are not covered and are directly exposed to the sun. Also sometimes direct sunshine can block your view. 

300-level Sideline seating at Sanford stadium is from sections 327-335 and sections 303-311. There are 25 rows in each section of the 300 level and The view of the ground is great from this section.

600-level section at Sanford Stadium

The 600 level at Sanford Stadium is the topmost level in Sanford stadium. This level has sections 601-611 and the maximum seats are for visitor’s fans. All 600-level sections have 20 rows each. View from this section is good as it is along the sideline and tickets are cheap.

Sanford stadium gates

There are many different Sanford stadium gates from where you can enter the stadium as per your seating section and seats.

Below are all the Sanford Stadium Gates you can also find in the Sanford stadium seating chart.

  1. Sanford Stadium Gate 1 – Student Gate, Westside 
  2. Sanford Stadium Gate 2 – North-West corner
  3. Sanford Stadium Gate 3 – Student Gate, North
  4. Sanford Stadium Gate 4 – Sky Suites North Entry
  5. Sanford Stadium Gate 4a – Student Gate
  6. Sanford Stadium Gate 5 – Visiting Team Family Gate
  7. Sanford Stadium Gate 6 – Faculty Gate
  8. Sanford Stadium Gate 7 – Faculty Gate
  9. Sanford Stadium Gate 7a – Sky Club Gate
  10. Sanford Stadium Gate 7b – South Sky Suite Entry
  11. Sanford Stadium Gate 8 – Southwest Sky Suites and Club Entry
  12. Sanford Stadium Gate 9 – South-West Entry
  13. Sanford Stadium Gate 9a – Faculty Gate
  14. Sanford Stadium Gate 10 – Dawn Walk Entrance
  15. Sanford Stadium South Tower Entrance
  16. Sanford Stadium Media Gate

Sanford Stadium Seating – FAQs

What are the best seats at Sanford Stadium?

The best seats at Sanford Stadium are available at Sky Club Suites. Sky suites at Sanford stadium offer premium chair back seats with a sideline view. The sky club suite seats are located in sections 328-334 and selected seats in sections 327-335. For some cheaper options, 100 level sideline seating is best.

What seats are covered at Sanford Stadium?

The North and South Club seats are fully covered with shade and come with chair back seats. Only about 15% of all seats at Sanford Stadium offer some type of shade or cover.

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