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Welcome to our ultimate guide on Paycor Stadium parking! Whether you’re a seasoned Cincinnati Bengals fan or attending an event for the first time, finding suitable parking at Paycor Stadium can be a hassle.

In this article, we’ll explore various Paycor Stadium parking options, insider tips, and alternatives to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience at Paycor Stadium. Let’s dive in!

Paycor Stadium Parking Map | Bengals Parking Map

paycor stadium parking map

Paycor Stadium Location

Paycor Stadium is previously known as Paul Brown Stadium. It is located at 1 Paul Brown Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202. It is on the north bank of the Ohio River, just east of downtown Cincinnati. The stadium is easily accessible by car, bus, or train.

  • By car: From I-75, take exit 58A and follow the signs to the stadium. There is a large parking garage located directly next to the stadium, as well as several other parking lots in the area.
  • By bus: The Metro’s Jungle-to-Jungle Express bus runs from Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield to Paycor Stadium. The bus departs from Jungle Jim’s every 15 minutes on game days, and the trip takes about 20 minutes.
  • By train: you can take the South Shore Line to the Eastgate Station. From there, it is a short walk to the stadium.

Paycor stadium is open year-round, but it is only open for events. For example, it is open for Cincinnati Bengals football games, concerts, and other events.

parking at paycor stadium

Paycor Stadium Parking Lots

Paycor stadium has various parking lots and garages for the people attending games or event at the stadium. These all parking lots are located around the Paycor Stadium and have easy accessibility to the stadium.

Let’s take a look at different Paycor stadium parking lots in detail:

  • Garage parking: There are three parking garages located within walking distance of the Paycor stadium: CRG East Garage, CRG West Garage, CRG Mid Garage and East Garage. Garage parking is typically the most expensive option, but it is also the most convenient. These lots are located just east of the stadium and are open 6 hours prior to kickoff. They are the best option for those who want to tailgate before the game.
  • Surface lots: There are several surface lots located near the stadium, including Lot 1, Lot 1U, Lot A, Lot B, Lot D, and Lot E. These lots are open 4 hours prior to kickoff. They are less expensive than the CRG lots, but they also fill up faster..
  • Hilltop lot: Hilltop Lot and Hiltop North Lot are located on the west side of the Paycor Stadium. Both Hilltop lots are located about 1 mile from the stadium and is open 4 hours prior to kickoff. There is a shuttle that runs from the Hilltop Lot to the stadium. The lot is not as crowded as the stadium lots, but it is also not as well-lit.

Apart from these above parking lots Paycor stadium also has parking Lot ERV, Lot Under East (UE) and Under West (UW) which are located close to the stadium as you can see on Paycor Stadium Parking map.

paycor stadium parking lots

Paycor Stadium Parking Cost

Parking at Paycor Stadium varies depending on the lot you choose and whether you purchase your parking pass in advance or on game day. Here is a breakdown of the parking costs:

  • CRG East, CRG West, and CRG Mid lots: $40 in advance, $50 or above on game day.
  • Lots 1, 1U, A, B, D, and E: $30 in advance, $35 on game day.
  • Hilltop lot: $25 in advance, $30 on game day.

ADA Parking at Paycor Stadium

ADA Parking is available at Paycor Stadium. All parking lots at the Paycor stadium have handicap-accessible spaces. Reserved spaces are available for season ticket holders with passes to specific lots. Single-game handicap parking is available in Lot 1, located at the corner of Pete Rose Way and Central Avenue. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Fans must display a state-issued handicap tag or license plate.

The designated parking areas are close to the stadium entrances, making it easy for people with disabilities to get to the game. Paycor Stadium’s ADA parking spaces are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices. There are accessible walkways and ramps leading to the stadium entrances.

If you have special seating needs, please contact the Bengals ticket office at 513-621-8383.

Alternative parking options near Paycor Stadium

Apart for Official parking lots at Paycor Stadium, there are some alternative parking options near the stadium which provides parking at cheaper rate. Some of these parking lots are as follows:

mmabley place garage parking

St. Francis Xavier Church Lot 4 is a surface lot located about 0.9 miles from the stadium. It is operated by the church and charges $11 for event parking.

You can also try using a parking app like ParkWhiz or SpotHero to find discounted parking near Paycor Stadium. These apps allow you to reserve parking in advance and pay online, so you can avoid having to wait in line at the parking lot.

Alternative Transportation options to Paycor Stadium

There are a few alternative transportation options that are convenient for getting to Paycor Stadium. Some of these are:

Public transportation: The Go Metro bus system has several stops near the stadium, including the Government Square Station and the Central Parkway Station. A one-way fare is $2.50, and you can pay with cash or a bus pass. The buses run frequently, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for one.

Rideshare services: Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are also a convenient way to get to Paycor Stadium. There are designated rideshare pickup and drop-off zones near the stadium, so you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Riverboat: If you’re looking for a more unique experience, you can take a riverboat to the Bengals’ stadium. The riverboats depart from The Beer Sellar and Hooters on the Kentucky shore just east of the stadium. The ride is $6 each way, and takes about 20 minutes. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery before the game.

FAQs: Bengals’ Parking

Is overnight parking allowed at Paycor Stadium, especially for multi-day events or concerts?

No, overnight parking is not allowed at Paycor Stadium. The stadium is cleared out after each event, and no vehicles are allowed to remain overnight. This is for security reasons, as well as to maintain the condition of the stadium grounds.

What security measures are in place in the parking lots at Paycor Stadium?

Paycor Stadium takes the safety of its visitors very seriously. There are a number of security measures in place in the parking lots, including patrols by security guards, video surveillance, well-lit areas, and prohibited items. Visitors are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to security personnel.
Here are some additional tips for staying safe in the parking lots at Paycor Stadium: park in well-lit areas, avoid parking in isolated areas, lock your car doors and windows, do not leave valuables in your car, be aware of your surroundings, and report any suspicious activity to security personnel.

Are tailgating allowed at paycor stadium parking lots?

Yes, tailgating is allowed in the parking lots surrounding Paycor Stadium. Tailgating is a long-standing tradition at Bengals games, and it is a great way to enjoy the gameday atmosphere with friends and family.But remember Tailgating must be done in designated parking areas. It must be done in a safe and responsible manner.

How early should I plan to arrive before an event at Paycor Stadium to secure parking?

The best way to secure parking at Paycor Stadium is to arrive early. The stadium parking lots open four hours before kickoff for most events( 6 hours for CRG Garage), so if you arrive at least two hours before the game, you should be able to find a spot without too much trouble. If you’re coming for a big event, like a playoff game or a concert, it’s best to arrive even earlier, as the lots will fill up quickly.

Is there free parking available at Paycor Stadium?

Unfortunately, there is no free parking available at Paycor Stadium. The stadium has a number of parking lots, but all of them require a fee. The cost of parking varies depending on the lot and the event, but it typically ranges from $30 to $50.

Final Words

Navigating Paycor Stadium parking doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By familiarizing yourself with the available parking options and considering alternative choices, you can make your experience at Paycor Stadium enjoyable and stress-free.

Remember to arrive early, explore various parking lots, and plan ahead for the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Park your worries aside and get ready to have a fantastic time at Paycor Stadium!

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