Pine Knob Seating Chart 2024: Tips to Get the Best Seats in Music Theater

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Are you going to attend a concert at Pine Knob Music Theater and looking for a Pine Knob seating chart?

Here I am going to tell you about the best seating at Pine knob amphitheater, So you would get a fantastic experience of the concert. But before that let me give you a brief introduction to the country’s one of best amphitheaters.

Pine Knob Music Theater – One of the Best Amphitheater 

Pine Knob Music Theater is one of the top amphitheaters in the country. It was opened in 1972 and since then Pine Knob is the place where friends, fun and music come together. It was ranked 1 in Pollstar’s Top Amphitheater Venue Worldwide 2019 ranking. 

Pine Knob amphitheater was formerly known as DTE Energy Music Theater and is located in Clarkston, right in the heart of Michigan. It is often called Pine Knob, The Hill, and The knob.

The music theater offers world-class entertainment, music concerts, comedy shows and other community functions. Apart from this, it has the best amenities and seating view experience for the fans. 

Pine Knob Music Theater’s summer concert season typically begins in May and concludes each September or October.

Pine knob Amphitheater seating capacity

Pine Knob Music theater has a seating capacity of 15274 people. It was opened on 25 June 1972 and was the largest amphitheater in the United States at that time with a seating capacity of 12500 people at the time of opening.

The seating area of Pine Knob is divided into two parts i.e. Pavilion Area and Lawn Area. The pavilion has around 7000 seats and the Lawn area accommodates around 8000 people.

Pine Knob Seating Chart

Pine Knob Music Theater is one of the finest amphitheaters to watch and experience a concert. It has two seating areas, a Pavilion seating and a Lawn seating area.

The Pavilion Seating of Pine Knob has 5 different sections named right, right center, center, left center and left. Each section has a different number of rows. All the seats at pavilion seating are covered seats.

Lawn Seating is behind the pavilion seating area. It has no chairs and fans can sit in the grass area to enjoy the event.

pine knob music theater seating chart
Pine Knob Seating Chart

Pavilion Seating chart Pine Knob Amphitheater

Pavilion seating at Pine Knob music theater comes with covered seating. Pavilion seats are reserved seats which means you will be allotted a specific seat in the pavilion section.

As shown in Pine mob music theater seating chart, The Pavilion Seating area is divided into 3 sections: lower, middle and upper area.

The lower area which is nearest to the stage comes with the best view but the ticket price is usually higher as compared to the other seating area for obvious reasons.

Rows are numbered from letter A to ZZ, starting from the seats near the stage and going to the top.

The best view at Pine Knob music theater comes from the center section of the pavilion seating area because it is at the front and middle of the stage as you can see in Pine Knob seating chart.

pine knob seating chart with row
Pine Knob Music Theater seating chart

Accessible Seating at Pine Knob Music Theater

Pine knob theater has seating facilities for differently abled people. The ADA seating area is located between the Lawn area and the pavilion area. This area has spaces for wheelchairs and companions. 

Usually, accessible seating at Pine Knob is numbered with the letter DA in front as you can see in Pine Knob seating chart.

Lawn Seating at Pine Knob Music Theater

Lawn Seating at Pine Knob has a seating capacity of around 8000 people. The seating area is uncovered and at a distance from the stage.

As you can see in pine knob seating chart, there are no chairs in the Lawn seating area but you can bring your chair and blanket of a specific size inside the seating area.

Pine Knob lawn seats have the lowest price as compared to other seating areas. It comes under general seating which means there are no reserved seats. You have to arrive early to reserve your favorite spot in the Lawn seating area.

pine knob amphitheater lawn seating
Pine knob music theater Lawn seating

Pine knob seating chart rows

There are different seats in different rows at Pine Knob. In the right section there are around 45-50 seats, In center section 50-84 and the left section around 80 seats are there. 

Below is the Pine Knob seating chart with row.

pine knob seating chart with row

Premium seating at Pine Knob

Pine Knob music theater has premium seating options which give you access to private boxes for 8-10 people with exclusive amenities like parking access, lounge access and concessions.

They also have the option for season membership which offers many premium facilities.

Pine knob season membership

Pine Knob music theater has an option of season memberships for the fans. 

There are many advantages to season membership. Members get exclusive and premium treatment at pine knob. 

Guaranteed Tickets- As a member you will get a guaranteed ticket to every show at Pine Knob even if the show is sold out, So you can see your favorite artist perform.

VIP Lounge Access- Members get exclusive access to Trinity health ivy lounge. This lounge is available to members only for all shows as well as after parties for select shows.

You don’t have to face long lines as you will get direct entry into the lounge, private restrooms, delicious food and premium beverages in a comfortable, exciting atmosphere.

Pine knob season members can receive up to 4 guest passes per show which are subject to availability. 

VIP Parking- As a member, you will get access to VIP parking. You will receive parking access in the Trinity Health VIP Parking Lot which is nearest to the venue doors and the private members-only entrance. 

In addition to this, you will get members-only entrance entry, private restrooms and many other facilities which are not there for general ticket holders.

pine knob season member benefits.
Pine Knob Seating Chart – Premium Facilities

Below is the Pine Knob music theater season membership seating chart.

pine knob premium seating seat chart
Pine Knob music theater seating chart – premium seating

If you are looking forward to attending some great music concerts at Pine Knob then season membership to Pine Knob Music theater can be a great idea for you.

To book season membership call at 313-471-7313

Pine Knob Hilltop Deck Boxes

Pine Knob Music Theater has four deck boxes located at the top of the lawn. These deck boxes are a great place to spend time with your friend and enjoy the concert.

Deck boxes pass include 8-10 tickets in a private space and two VIP parking passes. They also provide you with a special service attendant and amenities like 2 beer/wine/soda/water drink tickets per person.

Other than this Deck boxes have a great view and ambience to watch a music concert.

Does Pine Knob have covered seating?

Yes, Pine Knob has covered seating. The majority of the seating areas in the pavilion are covered by a large fixed canopy. Some sections in the back of the pavilion, ending in 10 or 11, have a few seats that are not covered. However, most of the seating in the pavilion will provide you with some protection from the sun and rain.

The lawn area is not covered, so if you are looking for a covered seat, you will need to purchase a seat in the pavilion.

What do VIP tickets at Pine Knob include?

VIP tickets at Pine Knob Music Theatre typically include the following benefits:

  • Preferred seating: VIP tickets typically include access to the best seats in the house, such as the front rows of the pavilion or the Bud Light Hilltop Deck Boxes.
  • VIP parking: VIP tickets typically include access to a dedicated VIP parking lot. This can save you a lot of time and hassle when trying to park for your event.
  • Access to the Trinity Health Ivy Lounge: The Trinity Health Ivy Lounge is a private lounge located on the second level of the pavilion. VIP ticket holders have access to the lounge, which offers a more upscale experience with comfortable seating, elevated food and beverage options, and private restrooms.
  • Other benefits: Depending on the event, VIP tickets may also include other benefits such as early entry to the venue, meet-and-greet opportunities with the performers, and exclusive merchandise.

Pine Knob Music Theater Seating – FAQs

What are the best seats at Pine Knob?

The best seats at Pine Knob Music Theater are in the center section of the pavilion seating area right in front of the stage. Seats like those in Center 1, Center 10, Center 2 and Center 3 provide the most comfortable views of the concert. These seats are the most expensive too.

How are seats numbered at Pine Knob music theater?

Seats are numbered in a specific manner at Pine Knob Theater. In every section, the lower numbered seats at Pine Knob are typically closer to the center of the stage while you are facing the stage and higher seat numbers are away from the center of the stage. 

How many seats are in a row at Pine Knob?

There are different seats in different rows at Pine Knob. In the right section there are around 45-50 seats, In center section 50-84 and the left section around 80 seats are there. 

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