PPG Paints Arena Bag Policy: Don’t Bring These Things To Penguins Game

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Heading to PPG Paints Arena for a concert, hockey game, or another exciting event?

Knowing the PPG Paints arena bag policy beforehand can ensure a smooth and speedy entry.

This blog post will answer all your frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding what you can and cannot bring into the PPG Paints arena.

PPG Paints Arena Bag Policy

The PPG Paints Arena has a strict bag policy for security reasons.

Generally no bags are allowed inside PPG Paints Arena except for a few exceptions after inspection:

  • ONLY wallets/wristlets (4″x6″x1″) are allowed.
  • Medical bags
  • Diaper bags accompanying a child
PPG Paints Arena Bag Policy
PPG Paints arena bag policy


What items are not allowed to take into PPG Paints Arena?

Some of the items that are not allowed inside PPG Paints Arena are as follows:

  • Large bags, coolers, backpacks, and sealed packages of any kind are not permitted. This includes gifts you might want to bring for performers or athletes.
  • No bottles, cans, or coolers are allowed either. You can purchase beverages from the concession stands inside the arena.
  • Weapons or anything that could be considered a weapon are strictly prohibited. This includes knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.
  • Signs and banners are only allowed if they are small, handheld, and deemed to be in good taste by security. They cannot be commercial in nature and cannot have any hard poles or sticks for support.
  • Cameras with detachable lenses or flashes are not allowed. For hockey games and most events, only small personal still cameras with lenses 3 inches or smaller are permitted.
  • Air horns, Thermoses, Cooler (hard/soft sided), Laser pointer, Large purses, Cans, Bottles, Flasks, Alcoholic beverages are also not allowed.
PPG Paints Arena Prohibited Items

Are there storage facilities available for bags at PPG Paints Arena?

No, PPG Paints Arena does not offer any storage facilities for bags.

In fact, with the exception of medical bags, diaper bags, and small wallets/wristlets, all bags are prohibited from entering the arena.

Can you bring food or drinks to the PPG Paints Arena?

No, you cannot bring any outside food or drinks into PPG Paints Arena.

They have a strict policy against it.

However, there are many concession stands located throughout the arena that sell a wide variety of food and drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to bring in specific food or drinks, you can contact PPG Paints Arena customer service in advance at info@ppgpaintsarena.com to see if they can make an exception.

Does PPG Paints Arena have metal detectors?

Yes, PPG Paints Arena does have metal detectors for security screenings.

This is common practice for most stadiums and arenas in the US and Canada.

You can expect to walk through a metal detector and have your bags checked before entering the venue.

Enjoy Your Visit to PPG Paints Arena

Knowing the PPG Paints arena bag policy beforehand allows you to prepare accordingly.

Pack light, transfer essentials to a clutch, and enjoy a hassle-free entry into PPG Paints Arena.

Now you’re all set to cheer on the Penguins or lose yourself in the music – because that’s what nights at the arena are all about!

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