PPG Paints Arena Parking Guide: Best for Pittsburgh Penguins Game

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for PPG Paints Arena parking. Whether you’re heading to a Pittsburgh Penguins game, a concert, or a special event at this iconic venue, knowing where to park and how to make the most of your parking experience is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about PPG Paints Arena parking, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable time at this remarkable venue.

PPG Paints Arena Parking Map

PPG Paints Arena Parking Map

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PPG Paints Arena Address and Parking Overview

PPG Paints Arena is located at 1001 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. It is situated in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, making it easily accessible by public transportation and car.

There are several parking options available near PPG Paints Arena. The closest parking is in the Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage, which is located directly next to the arena. There are also several surface parking lots located within walking distance as you can see in PPG Paints Arena parking map above.

For Penguins games and other popular events, it is recommended to pre-book parking in advance to avoid long lines and high prices. There are several websites and apps that allow you to pre-book parking at discounted rates.

Where is the best place to park for the Penguins game?

The best place to park for a Penguins game is in the Jim Shorkey surface lots adjacent to PPG Paints Arena. These lots are just steps away from the arena and offer the most convenient parking experience.

There are several other parking garages and lots located within a short walk of the PPG Paints Arena which are good for Penguins Game. Some of these options include:

  • Chatham Center Garage
  • U.S. Steel Building Garage
  • BNY Mellon Center Garage
  • Manor Complex Garage
  • Duquesne University Garage
Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage

How much is parking at PPG Paints Arena?

Parking rates at PPG Paints Arena vary depending on the event, but they are typically between $12 and $36. You can pre-purchase parking online or through a third-party app, or you can pay at the gate.

PPG Paints Arena parking rates for Pittsburgh Penguins games:

Jim Shorkey Auto Group Garage $45.00
Jim Shorkey Dodge South Lot: $40.00
Jim Shorkey Fullerton Lot: $40.00
Jim Shorkey Chrysler East Lot: $37.00
Jim Shorkey RAM Melody Tent Lot: $30.00

Is there any Handicap Parking at PPG Paints Arena?

Yes, PPG Paints Arena does have handicap parking. There are designated accessible spaces available in the East Lot, Fullerton Lot, South Lot, and West Lot. These spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis, so please plan accordingly.

Additionally, accessible parking is available in the parking garage attached to PPG Paints Arena. However, the availability of accessible parking in the garage varies from event to event. For specific event availability, please call 412-642-1800 or through the PA Relay Service at 7-1-1.

Is there any free parking near PPG Paints Arena?

There is no free parking available at PPG Paints Arena. There are several paid parking options available, including the Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage at PPG Paints Arena, the PPG Paints Arena Parking South Lot, and the PPG Paints Arena Parking East Lot. Parking rates vary depending on the event.

parking near ppg paints arena

Is there parking available for oversized vehicles near PPG Paints Arena?

Yes, there is parking available for oversized vehicles near PPG Paints Arena. The Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage at PPG Paints Arena can accommodate vehicles up to 13 feet 6 inches tall. The garage is located at 1280 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

To park in the Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage, you can either enter from Centre Avenue or from Bigelow Boulevard.

oversized parking at ppg paints arena

Can you tailgate at PPG Paints Arena?

Yes, tailgating is allowed in all PPG Paints Arena parking lots except for the enclosed PPG Paints Arena Parking Garage. Tailgating is permitted starting when the lots open, which is typically 4 hours before game time. However, there are some rules that tailgaters must follow, including:

  • Tailgaters must confine their tailgating to their paid space and cannot take over adjacent spaces or restrict full access to the driving lanes between rows or block traffic in any other way.
  • Personal or private toilets or port-a-potties are not permitted.
  • Cooking grills are allowed only in outdoor non-enclosed parking lots, and must not produce open flames.
  • Tents are not permitted.

Tailgaters are also encouraged to be respectful of their neighbors and to clean up after themselves.

Please note that tailgating may be restricted or prohibited for certain events, so it is always best to check with PPG Paints Arena ahead of time to confirm the tailgating policy for the event you are attending.

Is Overnight Parking available at PPG Paints Arena

Yes, overnight parking is available at PPG Paints Arena. The Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage at PPG Paints Arena offers overnight parking for a fee. You can pay for parking at the garage’s exit kiosks with cash or credit/debit card.

To get to the Jim Shorkey Auto Group Parking Garage, take 22W to 376W (Monroeville), through Squirrel Hill Tunnel, take Grant Street exit to 7th Avenue, turn right to PPG Paints Arena. The garage is located on your right.

Have a Hassle Free Parking Experience at PPG Paints Arena

PPG Paints Arena parking can be a breeze if you plan ahead and consider your options. From on-site lots to nearby garages and street parking, there are choices to suit every preference and budget. By following the provided tips and information, you can make the most of your visit to this world-class venue without any parking-related stress.

PPG Paints Arena is more than just a venue; it’s an experience. By ensuring you have your parking arrangements in order, you can fully enjoy the events and activities it hosts.

Remember to explore the various parking options available, arrive early, and make use of pre-booking services to enhance your PPG Paints Arena visit. With these strategies in mind, you’re well on your way to a memorable and enjoyable time at this Pittsburgh landmark.

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