State Farm Stadium parking Guide 2024: Map, Cost & Deals

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for State Farm Stadium parking! If you’re planning to attend a NFL game or event at State Farm Stadium, it’s essential to plan ahead and secure convenient parking to make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

State Farm Stadium Parking Map

State Farm Stadium Parking Map

State Farm Stadium Location & Accessibility

State Farm Stadium is located in Glendale, Arizona, off the AZ Loop 101 Freeway between Bethany Home Road/Cardinals Way and Glendale Avenue. It is approximately 12 miles west of downtown Phoenix. The stadium is easily accessible by car, bus, or light rail. There are over 24,000 parking spaces available near State farm stadium, including several accessible parking spaces.

Parking at State Farm Stadium

Parking options available at State Farm Stadium Parking Lots

State Farm Stadium Parking Lots offers a variety of parking options, including:

Complimentary parking: There are a few areas of the State Farm stadium that offer complimentary parking, including the Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple Garage, Black, and Yellow Lots. These lots are typically filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s best to arrive early if you want to park in one of these areas.

Preferred parking: State Farm Stadium Preferred parking is available in the Red and Grey Lots for a fee of $400 per season pass. These lots are closer to the stadium and offer easier access to fans.

Oversized vehicle parking at State Farm Sadium: Oversized vehicles can park in the F Oversize Lot for a fee of $750 per season pass. This lot is located on the east side of the State Farm stadium.

Premium turf tailgating parking: Premium turf tailgating parking is available in the East Premium Turf Tailgate Lot for a fee of $1,000 per season pass. This lot is located on the east side of the stadium and includes access to a premium turf area for tailgating.

There are several parking lots available at State Farm stadium parking which provide ADA parking.

State Farm Stadium Parking Cost

Parking at State Farm Stadium costs around $10 to $30, depending on the parking lot you choose. The most expensive parking is in the preferred parking i.e. Red and Grey lots, which are closest to the stadium. The least expensive parking is in the Yellow and Black lots, which are further away. There is also complimentary parking available in the North Preferred Carpark on non-event days.

Here is a breakdown of the parking rates at State Farm Stadium:

  • Red and Grey lots: $30
  • Black and Yellow lots: $20
  • Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple Garage, and Westgate Entertainment District: $10
  • North Preferred Carpark (non-event days): Free

State Farm Stadium season parking passes are also available for purchase. Season passes for standard-sized vehicles cost $350, and season passes for oversized vehicles cost $750 at State Farm Stadium.

Best place to park at State Farm Stadium

The best places to park at State Farm Stadium are the North Preferred Lots, the West Preferred Lots, the Yellow Lots, and the Black Lots. The North Preferred Lots are the closest and most convenient parking, but they are also the most expensive. The West Preferred Lots offer a good compromise between price and convenience. The Yellow Lots are a more affordable option, and the Black Lots are the most affordable option.

Parking passes for State Farm Stadium must be purchased in advance. They are not available for purchase at the stadium on game day. You can purchase parking passes online or through the Cardinals Mobile App.

best place to park at state farm stadium

ADA Parking at State Farm Stadium

There are designated ADA parking at State Farm Stadium. There are over 2,000 ADA parking spaces available for all events at the State Farm stadium. These spaces are located in all of the parking garages, and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To park in an ADA space at State Farm Stadium, you will need to display a valid state-issued hangtag or license plate. State Farm Stadium ADA Parking spots are marked with blue signs and have a striped yellow curb. There are accessible walkways and ramps leading to the stadium entrances. There are also accessible restrooms and elevators in the stadium.

If you have any questions about ADA parking at State Farm Stadium, you can contact the stadium’s Guest Services department at (602) 379-0102.

Are tailgating allowed at parking lots of State Farm Stadium?

Yes, tailgating is allowed at the parking lots of State Farm Stadium. Tailgating activities are only allowed beginning from when the parking lots open. The parking lots open four hours before kickoff, so you can start tailgating at 10:15 AM for a 1:25 PM kickoff. Tailgating should take place directly behind your vehicle or in adjacent landscape areas only. Please respect fellow fans by only occupying one parking stall.

Some rules and regulations for tailgating at State Farm Stadium:

  • Alcohol consumption and food prep must end at kickoff.
  • You can’t watch the game from Sportsman’s Park, just the stadium.
  • Don’t mess with other tailgaters’ stuff or cause damage to the lot.
  • Gameday ticketholders only. Parking passes are for parking – they don’t let you into the tailgating zone.

Parking procedures and guidelines for oversized vehicles at State Farm Stadium

The only oversized parking area at State Farm Stadium for Arizona Cardinals games is Lot F. It opens 4 hours and 30 minutes prior to kickoff. Each oversized vehicle must have a valid Lot F Oversized Vehicle mobile parking pass for access and is valid for one (1) parking space and one (1) vehicle only. Maximum parking space length is 45 feet.

Oversized vehicle parking guidelines at State Farm Stadium:

FAQs: Arizona Cardinal Parking

Is overnight parking allowed at State Farm stadium?

No, overnight parking is not permitted at State Farm Stadium. Parking lots open at varying times based on the event and fans are encouraged to check the event page for times and information. For Arizona Cardinals games, the only oversized parking area is Lot F which opens 4 hours and 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

What are the parking hours at State Farm Stadium?

Parking at State Farm Stadium opens 4 hours and 30 minutes before kickoff for most events. For oversized vehicles, parking opens 4 hours before kickoff. Parking closes 1 hour after the conclusion of the event.

Final Words

State Farm Stadium parking can fill fast. we recommend you to purchase your parking passes in advance and arrive early on the event day. By following State Farm Stadium parking guide, exploring different parking options, and following some helpful tips, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

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