United Center Parking Guide: Best Parking Spots

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Welcome to the United Center, the heartbeat of Chicago’s sports and entertainment scene. To enhance your experience, this United Center parking guide provides insights into parking strategies, insider tips, and everything you need to know about finding parking near United Center.

United Center Parking Map

United Center Parking Map general parking

Chicago’s United Center Location

The United Center is located in Chicago, Illinois, specifically on the Near West Side at 1901 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60612.

  • Address: 1901 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60612
  • Landmark: It’s west of the Chicago Loop and bears a resemblance to the former Chicago Stadium.
  • Accessibility: It’s easily accessible by car, public transportation (including the Pink Line and Green Line on the CTA), and ridesharing services like Uber (with a dedicated Uber Zone).
  • Seating Chart: United Center Seating Chart

Parking near United Center, Chicago

Official United Center Parking:

  • Location: All United Center official parking lots are conveniently located near the arena and accessible from various streets.
  • Prices: Prices vary depending on the event, but typically start at $22 for a regular-season game or special event.
  • Purchase: You can purchase parking in advance online through SpotHero or at the venue on event day.
  • Lots:
    • A, B, D, F, J, L: These are the closest lots to the arena and offer the most convenient access.
    • C and K: Reserved parking for suite holders.
    • G: Accessible parking for vehicles with handicapped license plates or placards.
  • Opening hours: All official parking lots open 2.5 hours prior to event time.

How much is parking in the United Center?

Parking costs at the United Center in Chicago can vary depending on the event, the time you purchase your parking, and the parking lot you choose.

  • Official United Center parking lots:
    • Pre-purchased: Prices start at $22 through third-party vendors like SpotHero.
    • On-site: Prices range from $27 to $43, depending on the lot.
    • Most popular lots (H, C, & K): Expect to pay $43 for Lot H whether you pre-purchase or pay on-site and $30-$32 for Lot C & K.
  • Public parking lots:
    • Prices typically range from $15 to $20, but can be higher for major events.
    • These lots are usually further away from the United Center than the official lots.

The United Center also offers free parking for select family shows in all official United Center parking lots.

Is there free parking near United Center?

Free parking near the United Center is quite limited and can be challenging to find, especially on event days. Here are some options to consider:

  • Select family shows: The United Center offers free parking in their official lots for some family shows. Check the United Center website or event listing to see if free parking is available for your specific event.
  • Surrounding streets: While not guaranteed, you may find free street parking on streets like Wood Street, Polk Street, and Madison Street. However, be sure to pay close attention to posted signs for permit restrictions and time limits.

Accessible Parking at United Center Parking Lot

Accessible parking at the United Center is located in Lot G South, which is situated at the southwest corner of the building at Damen Avenue and Monroe Street.

Vehicles displaying a current handicapped license plate or window placard are permitted to park in Lot G South.

There is a drop-off lane for people with disabilities located on the west side of Lot G South, near Gate 1. This lane is a convenient option if you need to be dropped off close to the entrance.

Assistance is available for guests with disabilities who parked in an official United Center lot. You can stop by the Security Desk in the East Atrium for assistance.

Does the United Center still have Lexus parking?

Yes, the United Center still has Lexus parking in two forms:

  • Lexus Club Level Parking: This is reserved parking for Lexus Club Seat members. It is located in fenced, well-lit, and clearly marked lots adjacent to the United Center. Lexus Club members receive one or two complimentary parking passes, depending on the number of tickets they have purchased.
  • Lexus Preferred Parking: If you’re a Lexus owner, you can enjoy preferred parking in lots C and K at the United Center for every home Bulls and Blackhawks game. However, this is on a first-come, first-served basis until all Lexus reserved parking spaces are filled, or up to fifteen (15) minutes following the official start time of a Bulls or Blackhawks game. You’ll need to purchase a parking pass online in advance or on-site before you can enter Lot C or Lot K.
United Center Parking lexus parking

Alternative transportation options to reach United Center, Chicago

The United Center in Chicago is well-connected with various transportation options, so you have plenty of choices depending on your budget, time constraints, and preferences! Here are some alternatives to consider:

Public Transportation:

  • Bus:
    • #20 Madison Bus: This direct bus route runs from Madison & Clinton directly to the United Center every 15 minutes, making it the fastest option, taking only 11 minutes and costing $3.
    • #19 United Center Express: This express bus runs from various locations downtown to the United Center quicker than other buses, offering a travel time of around 30 minutes for $3.
    • Other Bus Routes: Several other bus routes stop near the United Center, including the #50 Damen, #126, and #152 Addison. You can check the CTA website or app for specific routes and schedules.
  • Train:
    • Green Line: Take the Green Line train to either the Madison or Polk stations, both a short walk to the United Center. Travel time varies depending on your starting point, but expect around 30-45 minutes.
    • Pink Line: If you’re coming from the west side, the Pink Line drops you off at the Ogilvie Transportation Center, a 10-minute walk to the United Center.
  • Metra: Several Metra train lines stop near the United Center, but they might require additional transfers or a longer walk compared to the CTA.


  • Uber/Lyft: These ridesharing services offer a convenient and direct way to reach the United Center, particularly if you’re with a group or have luggage. Just be aware of potential surge pricing during event days.
  • Divvy Bikes: If you’re feeling adventurous and the weather cooperates, consider renting a Divvy bike from Chicago’s bike-sharing program. There are several docking stations near the United Center, making it a fun and healthy option.

Enjoy your visit to United Center Chicago

Navigating the United Center parking lots become easy with this guide. From on-site facilities to off-site alternatives and insider tips, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to make your visit memorable.

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